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10 Easy-to-Implement Tactics: How to get your Bank to Change the Rules for You


I’ve created 10 shortcuts you can use to get money faster, and frankly, I guarantee it’ll help you do a lot of stuff easier and eliminate a lot of friction in your life. Plus, it feels good.

Here’s the back story:

A few months back, my credit score needed a boost.

Since I had a lot of cash, I opened a secured credit card, with Wells Fargo.

I used it for most purchases and paid it off, in full, each month.

When I could, I actually added another $500 or $1,000 to the limit.

Within six months, my credit score was rising…

By then I was getting lots of unsolicited credit card offers, so I called Wells Fargo to get my money back.

(And I won’t lie: I wanted more cash to drop in the market. My latest stock picks are skyrocketing!)

There I was, calling into the bank…

And rubbing my hands together at the idea of putting more cash into the market.

Until I heard the unexpected from the Wells Fargo customer service rep:

“Mr. Moskel, we’ll have that cash back to you in just about 45 – 60 days.”

Whoa! That was unacceptable! I needed that money, and fast…

Stock tips are NOT like fine wine…

they do NOT get better with age, and

I wanted action right now!

But I didn’t say any of that.

Those were all statements about my self-interest.

I’d be a fool to suppose some guy with a phone strapped to his head in Iowa gave a flip about me, or my self-interest.

In fact, for any customer service call, for the rest of our lives, we may as well remember the golden rule:

None of them give a flip about any of our self-interests…

Regardless of what the giant company they work for makes them say.

We’re all just faceless voices, one after another, blending together in the life of the telemarketer.

While most people:

  • all want the same things…
  • all have the same *sad* excuses…
  • all whine and plead to be the one exception, to be special…

That’s not me, and if you want banks to change the rules for you… it’s not ever gonna be you again.


You’re going to use the list (below) and be different.


So different, and better, in fact so contrary and unexpectedly pleasing to the ear that you’ll actually get exactly what you want.

Just like that day I was telling you about — when I got exactly what I wanted!

Here’s what HAPPENED:

Instead of that 45 – 60 days, I got my money back in 3 business days.

(I invested it yesterday and I’ve already made a profit on money I “shouldn’t” have for another month or longer!)

So here’s how I did it: with the 10 easy shortcuts I’m about to give you…

The following is a foolproof list of “dos and don’ts” that, if you use earnestly, will work every time.

And you don’t have to use all, every time. They’re that powerful.

Next time you find yourself on the phone with anyone in customer service… or in person, give these a shot.


The List

  1. Smile throughout the call. If it helps, use a mirror.
  1. Greet the other person warmly. This might throw them, and they probably won’t know how to react, it’s so friggin’ unusual. But stay the course, and you’ll find they quickly warm up to being treated like a human being.
  1. Write down their name immediately, and use it in the first 30 seconds, and again and again throughout the conversation.
  1. Never say “OK,” or anything mediocre in response. Instead use over-the-top phrases like “that would be terrific” “I’m so glad I got you when I called in.”
  1. Thank them for helping you immediately, profusely and throughout the call.
    example: I thanked my guy personally for Wells Fargo having the secure card service available for me, and I even told him that now I’m getting offers for credit cards — so his program obviously worked.
  1. Ask them how they are, and mean it.
  1. Tell them something personal about you (be vulnerable), when appropriate.
    example: I told the guy in my story, when he asked why I was closing the account, I needed to raise my credit score.
  1. Be likable… laugh, joke with them, commiserate with them about their woes.
    example: “what time do you get off work… how long do you work each shift… do you like working there?” Sometimes people really appreciate the chance to vent about their job.
  1. Use neurolinguistic (NLP) tactics that position you well.
    example: Say stuff like “You guys are always so helpful,” or “I don’t know how you all do your job so well,” or “I’m sure it’s a lot of bums like me calling you all day…” or “how do you stay so cheerful?”
  1. Don’t be in a rush. If you’re short on time, wait till you aren’t. Nothing short-circuits good will like being impatient.


There’s even more to this, but you now know enough to go out and conquer the world with these eleven easy strategies.

Use ALL these in all your relationships, and prosper!

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8 Replies

  1. Jesse, thanks for posting these 10 positive points. They really resonate! Often when we consumers call the “BIG” company, it is because of something wrong with their product or service. So we already feel negative when we make the call. But changing OURSELVES over to a positive, friendly approach can make a HUGE difference. Mostly in me. I plan to make your friendly approach a HABIT!

    1. Here’s a great reason why I’m glad you’re my speaking mentor, Morgan. When I think about the five people I hang out with the most, I’m glad someone as accomplished as you — and frankly, your willingness to implement new approaches (to be transformed soon to habits, we hope), and continually learn — all great attributes to have, in spades. Thanks for being awesome. PS: you MAY hear some version of this next Tuesday 😉

  2. Bill Harring

    Great advice… I always call a company back or send a text/e-mail to thank them for thier services or products when they meet or exceed my expectations. The power of being positive and supportive of others can do more to achieve your goals than shouting and threatening will ever achieve. I will also let them know (in a pleasent way) when something did not go as promised. I think they call it constructive criticism. You do the company a service either way. I would hope my customers would do the same for me.

    1. Hey, that’s a terrific point, Bill: when I get extraordinary service, it’s always worth taking the 4 minutes required to crank out an email or even a regular letter for the post office to thank their boss. Sometimes at the end of a call (or before, at the right time) I’ll tell them: “Hey, at the end of this call, would you connect me with your boss, so I can thank them for the great job you’re doing?!” Isn’t it funny, even though the shouting and threats have never, EVER done any good people still engage that way?

  3. Melissa

    Excellent points in business and every day encounters! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Melissa! I just told a few friends a story about you just today — the BBQ story where you got up hours before the Dallas joint opened, to stand in line, so your visitors could enjoy the best Texas has on offer… You’re awesome, by the way, Cherry!

  4. Mark

    Jesse, so glad to see you prospering these days! Your 10 tactics remind me of Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, which I have been studying again with a co-worker who needs to learn how to get along better with people. Those principles never change, and it’s good to see a reminder in your blog. You communicate them so well using your personal story, that riveted my interest and kept me reading to the very end. Now if I can just remember to do them next time I call customer service!

    1. Hi Mark, it’s good to hear from you. And you know, I actually was thinking of my old friend, Dale Carnegie as I wrote this last week. His book is one of enduring greatness, and now that you’ve brought it up, I might just have to go back for (yet another) pass through, since we can always pick up a little more good stuff with each read. Thanks Mark, and give my love to Charlotte! Jesse

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