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2015’s Biggest Client Mistake: Avoid this at All Costs…


True (sad) story:

Last year I secured my “biggest” client to date.

Higher than I’d previously climbed, in the realm of superstars..

I was rather smitten to be on this team, and overjoyed at the potential I saw flowing from this achievement.

Yes, I saw big money.

And I also saw prestige, accolades and other high net worth clients banging on my door when I succeeded with this one.

Things got off to a roaring start, and I thought, “man, this is going to exceed even my wildest expectations…”

Yes, I was thrilled and excited. It seemed the rest of my life was charted out in that moment… But, then there was a mis-cue.

And then, another.

First, I thought: this must be my fault. After all, the client is ideal. So, I doubled-down and overlooked some bizarre actions, on behalf of my beloved client.

Then, yet another disappointment…

By now, even in my previously star-struck mental condition, I’m shaking my head, wondering, “what did I get myself into?”

Never wanting to be rash, I sought advice from wiser heads, and compelled myself to make one more foray into this increasingly strange and upside-down world this now dubious client of mine seemed to inhabit.

I didn’t have to wait long.

The chance came, with even more warning bells. (There are, as a copywriter, a consultant, a freelancer, plenty of things you want to RUN from when dealing with clients, no matter who they are.)

Despite the risks, I stepped through the landmines, best as I could, and did the work, again.

This time, the whole now-battered team was on this launch and we went through the process: edits, more reviews, editing again, rewriting and…


All that work, and no launch.

Turns out, my so-called “great client” has what’s commonly known as “Analysis Paralysis.”

What’s that mean? Nothing is ever quite good enough… and so nothing, despite the efforts of paid professionals around the client, ever gets done.

Nothing gets shipped… nothing gets sold.

I was brought in because of this issue. Now, I can write winners all year long, but if they never get mailed, never are shown to the customers… all bets are off.

You miss 100% of the shots you do not take.

I believe I wrote 8 or 9 pieces for this client, and got exactly ONE of them published.

Turns out, sadly, that the great experience I thought I was going to have was only an illusion. And it came at a price. I ignored all the hard-won lessons I’ve learned over the years.

I was, for a short time, star-struck. It happens.

The lesson for me is to stick to my system. I know what a great client looks like, and what prima donnas do.

Learn from my folly… avoid the nightmares, stick with the winners.

And if you can’t tell, skip all this pain, and exclusively work for the only client you should go to bed with:


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