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A Simple, Life-changing Strategy from Earl Nightingale



This morning, my fiancé said something that rivals hearing the greatest symphony. She said,

“I was listening to Earl Nightingale yesterday, and decided to put into practice his advice, to write down 5 ideas each morning.”

What’s so great about that?

  1. She’s listening to self-help and working to improve her own life (and by extension, mine!)
  2. She’s taking action on what she’s heard (to create more awesomeness in her life)
  3. She’s reminding me of something I did, and want to rekindle! (keeping what she’s learned, by sharing it)

You see, just last week, at AWAI’s copywriting bootcamp, I heard two of the greatest living copywriters, Carline Anglade-Cole andClayton Makepeace describe how they each made millions of dollars writing amazing copy for their clients.

What did those two stories have in common?


Yes, both copywriters are amazing talents, and both love their craft, but it was the BIG IDEAS that drove the copy home and ring the registers!

In fact, this principle doesn’t just apply to writing blockbuster copy projects, but to nearly any field or endeavor you might embark on in life.

Just consider the famous people you know of:

Edison, Einstein, Disney… what men like these all share are the thinking processes necessary to find great ideas… and the will to act on them, once discovered.

Now, as you know, every great idea typically requires perhaps hundreds of bad ideas to be uncovered and discarded as you sift for gold—your future great idea that will change the world!

You might be asking yourself, can it really be as easy as writing down 5 ideas, per day?

Why not try it for a week, to see?

No matter what your life looks like today, I guarantee you great things will come if you’ll only implement the strategy found here:

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