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An Either/Or Case Study: You’re Either Working on the Solution or Whining About the Problem (But Never Both!)


If you’ve heard my backstory, you probably don’t think of me as a “whiner” in life.

But, I have to confess… you’d be wrong.

Not long ago, I fell headfirst into a pool of my own misery (and nearly drowned!)… here’s how it went down, and how I got back on track:

Once upon a time, life was very, VERY good… so good, in fact, I was enjoying all the greatest “first world problems”:

  • moving into a beautiful new home,
  • managing my first rental property and
  • planning my wedding (OK, I admit, my fiancé did that, but I was very encouraging!)

In light of all this happening at the same time, I purposely took my foot off the gas of my copywriting business—I didn’t want to be overwhelmed with new projects while all this was going down.

I firmly put on the brakes.

Despite this, I still had a banner month in June. And again, business boomed in July… but with my third month of zero marketing efforts, in August, I finally skidded to a full stop.

There I was, mid-August, having had the time to get acclimated to seeing that ring on my beloved’s finger… and settled into this amazing new home, rental ready, and now?

 (By the way, if killing all that momentum took three months, you might keep this in mind if you’re painfully aware you need a vacation.)

After running a strong five-figure a month business for a full year, the quiet lack of urgency felt WEIRD…

Tumbleweeds rolled through…

As any true-blooded entrepreneur will say in such a situation: I was immediately itching for more projects.

(There’s probably a disorder for this, but I don’t have time for a diagnosis…I just wanted more ACTION!)

So naturally, I’ve got the pedal again pressed firmly to the metal… tires squealing, smoke rising and my business is re-catching traction.

Things are starting to move again…

But for the first two weeks of August when I wanted this, little happened.


And yes, I recognize the momentum factor was in play… but my problem ran a little deeper.

(OK, it ran very deep, I admit it…)

Here’s what I did WRONGLY:

I whined about the problem for a couple weeks, when I should have been working on the solution!

Yes, I am loathe to admit to you, my dear reader, but it’s true: the first two weeks of August, instead of getting down to business, I told anyone and everyone who would listen, something like this:

“I’d stopped marketing and now I wasn’t making any money.”

Guess what all that talk resulted in?




More reinforcement, of me, not making any money! I was being a big whiner… complaining and bitching about my own, self-induced situation.

I was out of practice with the good habits of working hard, on my business. Instead, I was expecting it to happen all by itself, just because I decided I was ready to start rolling again.

The decision itself didn’t mean squat!

I had to roll up my sleeves and put my butt in the chair and take the time necessary to re-earn that momentum I have *SO* enjoyed this past year.

Why This is so Painfully Obvious

Reason I’m so crystal on this is because as soon as I shut my big mouth and started communicating with the people asking me questions (thanks, amazing audience), clients started lining up again.

And now, things are back to their *AWESOME* normal “regular” busyiness!

I learned a lot of valuable lessons which I’ll summarize for YOU right here:

1. Momentum is the result of months of taking action on the right things, and being in the habit of doing those things consistently over time!

2. My business is a Lifestyle Entrepreneurship Venture, something I have a lot to say about here. As such, the work never truly  ends. BUT, slowing down, periodically, is probably very healthy and ultimately results in a far-better product and level of service for your clients.

3. Last (but most important): Remember the “Either/Or” dichotomy: you can’t be happy and complaining at the same time.

You can whine about the problem, as I did, OR you can create the solution (by shutting up and getting the job done)!

But you can’t do both!

Anytime I’m feeling frustration, I have a default action that quickly moves me to the “Good” side, instantly: I write 10-20 things I’m grateful for.

Here’s a sample, if you need help getting started.

In closing, I wish I was never a whiner, but hopefully this post will save you from the horrible outcomes that whiners get every, stinkin’ time!

Have you ever experienced this?

Pay me the BIGGEST compliment, short of working together, and leave me a comment and tell me about your own backsliding experiences, or how you avoid this special self-induced brand of misery.

…I’ll remember you for it, and besides, it’s VERY good karma, commenting on blogs. 😉


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