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“Recently someone asked me how I determined my client’s

This was a first. Typically people are far more
curious about the proven methods I use to meet their
customer’s needs…

So I told him: “I’m assuming the reason we are talking is
because you need to get “your money”, which is temporarily
stuck in your customer’s wallets, out of their pockets and
into your bank.”

(THIS is one of the primary jobs of a copywriter!)

He started nodding, so I said, “Okay, let’s talk about your target clients...”

Speaking of clients, here’s a partial list of the people we’ve served this year:


Thrive Las Vegas – Gary Vaynerchuk, Robert Herjavec, and many more of the best minds on a single stage for the first time ever! (events)

Optimind (supplements)

Coldwell Banker (real estate)

Beate Chelette (author & coach)

Get Noticed Publishing (coaching)

Linnovations (digital forensics investigator)

GovRISK (gaming)

Transport Topics (freight transportation news)

Vital Steps (healthcare)

Medfit, Inc (healthcare)

Fitness24 (health & fitness)

Strategic Healthcare Valuation Services (investment bank)

iLawLearning (legal services)

GetResponse (marketing)

ISO Register (marketing)

Praxis Capital (real estate investment)

Mobile Joomla! (software)

AEi International (technology)

Jungle Juniors (technology)

Brown + Hudson (travel)

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