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Do my Armpits Smell?


Have you ever felt like someone was treating you like you
had B.O.? Maybe that they were moving away from you, or
being purposely unresponsive?

…and the worst part was you didn’t understand why or what
you could have

It happens like this:

People write an email,

then wait…


…for a response that never comes.

There are so many reasons for this, and (hopefully) none
related to 
the smells emanating from your armpits.

Here are the top five reasons your email might be

1. Didn’t even see it. I can’t tell you how many times
 innocently happens. Meanwhile, the sender thinks
everything is “ruined” when all they need to do is follow up and
discover that their email is 
still unopened.

2. Meant to get back to it. I had
to put a
“flag system” into effect lately, under the
crush of emails. I read
stuff, intend to get back, and
the day “disappears.” Doesn’t mean I’m
whatever it was, just means life is happening.

 following up works wonders.

3. They got overwhelmed. Like this email, when you
put a
lot of information, you can easily overwhelm.
The copywriter’s 
call-to-action (that you NEED in your
emails, yes, every single one,
 regardless of who it is
to and what it’s about) must be clear, and 

4. No clear actionable items. I see this one,
from the
same people, often: longish emails, with no
real goal. It can help to
ask before sending, is my
message clear? If you are unsure, trust me, 
reader will have NO CLUE.

5. Unclear writing. This is why I’m in business. Question:
if you use 
a lot of pronouns in your everyday speech
(“he” “they” “she” “them”), 
do people ask you
“who are you talking about?”

You may need to clean this up in your emails, too.

Learn about pronouns here.
In conclusion, don’t stop with showering! Keep at it with
 deodorant, and when it comes to writing emails (or
any other business 
communication) presume user
error before assuming you’re being “snubbed.”

(When they start running away from you, then you could start
 there might be another issue…)

Have a terrific day!


p.s. – Especially in the B2B world, it pays to have a
relentless follow-up system in place.

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