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Dollar Shave Club Disillusionment (a Review…)


Moskel Dollar Shave Club Review

I love great advertising.

And I shave my face.

So when I saw Michael Dubin say, “our blades are f**king great,” and lay out the thinking behind his mail-order razor company, I jumped on board.

What follows are the results of my decision to give the Dollar Shave Club a try, last October.

I mean, who doesn’t want to pay less money for a great shave, especially when that money you’ve always spent on razors has felt like too much, and it’s been going to a giant drug company like P&G?

With only my face on the line, I watched this ad and gave it a go…

Now, it’s January 2016 and three months has been instructive. And slightly painful, as I’m not enjoying this experiment any longer.

Now I’m ready to admit:

I was wrong.  A great shave is worth more than a dollar… After 90 days I’ve canceled my membership with the Dollar Shave Company. Here’s why…

  1. Their mid-range razors are inferior. Turns out the blades are not great. They’re fucking mediocre. I used their mid-range package for the first month, and it wasn’t a good shave. I tried to give them to my wife, and yesterday I found out she’s using them to remove pills from our couch.
  2. Their premium razors suck. I upgraded to the top package, their nine dollar line (which delivers four razors). After my initial excitement wore off (new blades, more razors and a new handle!), I realized these blades dull quickly. They’re simply an inferior shaving product, and after a couple weeks, I’m ready to go back to the mammoth corporation and my money to Gillette.

So today I have ten unused razors from the Dollar Shave Club. It’s worth noting that not one of them “only cost” a dollar. The mid-range ones are about $1.50 each, while the premium cost a little more than two dollars each.

(They DO offer a “dollar blade” but it looks very crappy, and you have to pay shipping of $2, so technically it’s the $3 blade.)

Presumably we’re stocked to give my couch a shave well into the 2020’s. Thanks Dollar Shave Club, for that!

In the meantime, I visited Gillette’s website and they’re following this trend, by offering a mailing system like Dollar Shave Club’s. It’s $4.50 for one single blade, delivered to my house. Based on the 100% price difference, plenty of mMoskel Dorco Dollar Shave Club Reviewen will probably stick with this new upstart company. According to statements, this disrupter has 10 million customers buying blades at least every other month.

I’m not one of them.

I’d rather pay double, know I’m getting the best, and have it last longer than these crappy ones.

Despite a little razor-burn, I’m glad to have tried this.

It’s always good to have disrupters challenging the old ways. Making big corporations sweat a little for their marketshare typically results in better products and services for guys like me and you.

As a marketer, this lesson serves to remind me that if your product is not up to par, your results will eventually show this, no matter how much money you shovel into your marketing budget.

Fads and trends will come, but those who’re genuinely committed to bringing the very best to market will be there long past what any good advertisement can steal away from you.

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4 Replies

  1. Great article. It looks like a solid marketing model, it’s just a shame the product lets it all down.

    1. Hey Pauline. You’re right, it IS a very solid marketing attack… in fact, even down to the box of razors they send–on the box it says “I love a dull shave.” –No one, ever

      However, I do realize they missed the boat on one thing–they sell what’s called a “one-wipe-charley” which is a wet nap for men. Have to say, if this company has guys running around hoping they got it all in “one wipe”… 😉

  2. Matt Smith

    Great article and even better look at this company. A few years back I was looking into them and stumbled upon the fact that they are repackaged value brand razors from a company named Dorco from North Korea. Funny thing is you can order them cheaper direct. Thanks for bringing to light how an entire industry can be changed by a new idea with an existing product.

    1. Thanks Matt Smith! That’s hilarious–I had heard of the “Dorco” supplier story, but didn’t know they were from “our friends from the North!” Having spent a couple years in Asia, I was NOT surprised by the ridiculous name chosen for that company, as there are quite a few things that don’t translate well over here, and visa versa. Come to think of it, maybe that would make a good movie about North Korea, how they formed a secret government corporation to give Americans a bad shave… (ominous voice) “Operation Dorco”

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