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Expert Email Marketing: 4 Tips to Bigger Profits Now


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If you’re a business owner and want to experience exponential profit growth, this article will reveal four of the simplest ways you can increase the profit in your business today.

As you’ve surely heard many times, having 4 to 7 “touches” or contacts with your best prospects is the sweet spot, where the sales begin to pour in.

In the old days, this simply meant buying ever-more advertising, all the while hoping your message finds it’s target.

Today, you can shortcut all that waste and worry, by implementing a carefully-crafted direct response email autoresponder sequence…

These “autoresponder selling ninjas” work like gangbusters to quickly and inexpensively turn your advertising spend into cold, hard cash.

In case you’re not currently using email to it’s full capability, consider these robust benefits:

  • Rather than rely on humans to deliver your sales message on a one-to-one basis, an email autoresponder sequence needs nothing to convert many of your prospects to buyers.
  • You create an email autoresponder once, and it turns the profit crank on your business, forever!
  • What’s more, you won’t suffer the inconsistencies and headaches of managing a sales force. Instead, you can sit back and allow your email sequence to do the work of many, with virtually no effort or cost to you.
  • And if you do need to maintain a team for closing business, you can use prequalifying questions in your emails to discover where to best ply your efforts.
  • Even better, a great writing team will employ techniques to get rid of the “tire-kickers” and other poor-quality customers who would gladly waste your time and deplete your profits!

If you’re after incredible, high-level breakthrough strategy that enhances your market position and drives more sales than you ever thought possible, then a direct response email series is something you absolutely cannot overlook.

How do I Get Started Now?

Next I’ll share with you some of the vital elements of a great email series:

(All this, of course, assuming you already have a lead magnet and an irresistible offer in place.)

1. Direct response copywriting. This means each message, where appropriate, will ask the reader to take a specific, measurable action. What’s more, the stories, case studies and other content will pre-sell readers using advanced tactics, such as NLP.

Ultimately, this approach leads to more sales and more money in the bank.

We do not seek “fuzzy results,” such as “page likes” or comments on a blog. No landlord I ever met, accepted “likes” in lieu of the monthly rent check.

Our primary motivation is the same as those men and women you see driving trucks like this one:

Moskel Armored Truck Email Strategy

Our Goal: We aim to move money, by the truckload, into your accounts as quickly as possible.

2. Soap-Opera Sequencing. Popularized by other email gurus like Andre Chaperone, and Ben Settle, the best email autoresponders are really just one long story or series of stories which, like the incredibly popular television show, LOST, end on mind-boggling cliffhangers.

This method excites readers, who become ever-more eager to find out what you’ll say next. Done right, open rates can actually rise over time. When people start looking for your emails, and reading what you’re saying, they begin to know, like and trust you, becoming open and receptive to you, giving you more chances to sell your products and services.

If you don’t blow your own horn, there is no music!

3. Social Proof. Don’t underestimate the value of letting your potential clients know how popular your services are. We humans are social animals. Showcasing others who are using and enjoying what you have to offer makes it easier for unknowns to buy.

A valuable way to enhance your email series is to provide testimonials from other happy clients. Even better if you can tie a famous name to your brand. All this social proof, also gives you a hidden advantage: it allows you to brag, through the words of another!

Here’s a recent testimonial from a customer of Moskel & Co.:

“I tried writing copy for my website.  After all, I’m an educated person and can put words together in a sentence, right?  Wrong.  I needed help and found Jesse just in time.  From the first phone call, I thought to myself, “This guy understands what I need to accomplish with my marketing.” 

In addition to really listening to me, he took extra time learn about my industry in general and my business specifically.  The web copy and lead magnet that he wrote for my business are spot on.  Do yourself a favor – spend your time on what you’re good at…

…and let Jesse do the writing for your business!”

-Jackie Lopey, Founder at

Now, had I told you all those things about my company myself, you’d be skeptical, right? Instead, using my proven referral and testimonial system, I’ve got real people who are ready to demonstrate and brag on my behalf!

4. Personal Elements. When you hire an expert to write your emails for you, a really good one will probably demand that you both spend some time on the phone, so he or she can get to know you.

CAUTION: this isn’t necessarily so they can write “in your voice,” but rather to discover fodder for personal tidbits they can sprinkle in the messaging to enhance the personal feel of your emails.

Remember, you might send to many, but your email is only read by one set of eyes at a time.

There are many more features to a successful email series, however this short list provides you with a great “how-to-get-started” in writing direct response emails.

Over the past few years, we have seen a movement in businesses, large and small, who choose to build up their “email warehouses.”

Some of the most successful digital marketing strategies today include 20, 50, even 100 emails and more, going out, like clockwork, to close deals and bring revenue in with every message.

If you want expert email messaging for your business, here’s what to do next:

—>Set up a 30-Minute consultation with our team.

Remember, having a long-term expert digital strategy in place isn’t just smart business…

It can be the difference-maker, ensuring that light at the end of the tunnel is new territory for your business, not an onrushing train.

What has been your experience with email marketing?

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 Jesse Moskel is the founder of Moskel & Co., a consulting firm which specializes in digital strategy, funnels and copywriting. His first book comes out in June. Join the waiting list and grab some free bonuses, right here. 

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