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Down Arrow Fire

Let me ask you a simple question: how do you think those people contacted EOF?

  • Email?
  • Telephone?
  • Text?
  • Twitter?
  • Facebook?

How many emails do you suppose it takes for a guest to secure a slot?

…probably more than one, right? Three? Five? More?
It’s the same with advertising and marketing.
The more noise people make, within the same channels,
the harder it is to be heard.

And I’m sure the same is true for your business:
if you try to attract customers the same way others do,
you’ll have to spend more time, effort, money…
and suffer the same frustrations that MOST people endure!

See, most people think “that’s just the way it is.”
They don’t know there’s a better way…
they aren’t asking the right questions…
or they’re not questioning things at all!

Here’s a peek at my process...

I asked a single question, when I decided to go on EOF…

here’s the question:

What if I used the back door… something totally unexpected and NEVER used by the masses?

(Most people aren’t aware there IS a backdoor, much less how to find it…)


And keep in mind, this “back door secret”
can be anything from:

  • Winning
    a date with
    someone you
  • a creative
    way to earn
    a promotion
  • get your
    customers to
    refer new
    to you…

The sky is the limit… BUT there IS one fundamental mindset you’ve got to have,
but once you do,
EVERYTHING is possible.

Take the EOF example. I used the mindset here…

I did something so utterly unexpected that
within minutes of receiving my message I got this email back:

Email snapshot

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