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Google Adwords: Rain Cash on Your Business



What’s the fastest way to find customers for your business?

Google Adwords is where it’s at.

Aside from email marketing it’s the only “juice” we’re using across a variety of markets. Forget blogging, forget social media…

You can sell anything with Adwords.

INSTANT return on investment.

Think about it: there’s a customer out there who’s perfect for your product or services…RIGHT NOW.

All you need is Google to find him. There’s two ways to make this happen:

  1. Get over there and set up an account
  2. Hire us to set up a campaign for you

In the case of the former, check out some books on Adwords. Read up on landing page copy, make sure you’re ready to A/B test the shit out of your offer. Tinker with the ad copy. Get up to speed on keywords. Don’t bid on anything too common – nothing like Adwords to burn through all your cash.

Sound like a pain? It was. I mean, to learn all that stuff…but the good news is, our expertise is for sale. We help a couple clients each month. This looks like this:

  1. Set up a campaign
  2. either maintain it on a monthly basis with profit sharing OR
  3. turn it over to you

That’s it. A typical engagement for us needs to net a minimum of $10K/monthly to consider a partnership. This is most often a retainer + 25-35% profit.

The only question you need to ask yourself is this:

What’s 100% of zero?

[Let’s make some money.]

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