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If you are serious about selling real estate then this could be one of the most important messages you ever read.


My name is Jesse Moskel and I would like to share a quick success story with you about a recent sales letter I wrote for a Colorado realtor.

Dave contacted me to refresh his existing 5-page letter.

a-house-19-800x548After showing me what he had, we agreed that I could start from scratch. I ended up writing a nine page letter which we split into 3 short 2 -3 page letters. I really had no choice – Dave has a lot of compelling content and on top of that he really is a terrific realtor.

A lot of people have a hard time translating what makes them successful in person, to the web. In fact, one thing Dave kept telling me was, “Jesse if you can just get these prospects to pick up the phone and call me, I GUARANTEE I’ll do the rest!”

A true salesman…

I understand this problem! I have been a “natural salesman” all my life, and like Dave, many of my customers are articulate people themselves, only needing a little help to get the exact wording down so that your customers will KNOW beyond any doubts that you are the realtor for the job…

We went through several rounds of slight revisions, and then started mailing the letters.

Dave had been getting a 1% response on the previous letter. In no time at all he was overwhelmed with a 400% INCREASE in response with the new letters!

The best part was, instead of lots of questions and selling when these people were calling in, Dave became an order-taker. Everyone wanted to schedule visit times, and was in a HURRY to do so!

(I’m a master at creating scarcity and urgency in my letters.)

Soon Dave was “at capacity” and his thriving real estate business had ramped up to MAXIMUM thrust!

How powerful is a great sales letter for your business?View-M4-House

Consider this: what if you had an “evergreen” sales letter that you could have your secretary or assistant fold into three, stick in the mail each week and sell as much as one extra home each and every month!? If you get the right writer to produce this for you, it will work for you month in and month out for years to come, ultimately producing sales that can easily tally in the millions, or tens of millions.

How much is an extra home per month worth to you over the course of a year?

I think the better question is: how can you NOT afford to hire a top copywriter and get your own sales message out to your prospects on a daily basis right away?

If you would like to discuss the options for your business, just give me a call:

Jesse Moskel, cell: 803 422 5674

P.S. – I only take one real estate client on, per month. Excepting cancellations, there may be a waiting list. I take a little longer to write my letters, but trust me, the results are well worth the wait!

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