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Dear Entrepreneur,

What is the #1 change could you implement in your business today that would have the biggest Return On your Investment?

If you knew, would you implement it?

In my experience, many people are actually afraid of “big” success. We get comfortable where we are, just happy to be chugging along, unconsciously hoping “something, somewhere” will come along and perhaps without even noticing it, make all our fantasies reality.

This NEVER happens.

The road to the top is STEEP. Treacherous. Filled with tough decisions, late nights and…email marketing.

That’s right: email marketing is the closest thing to a magic bullet in the war of building a giant sales funnel. Vast amounts of cash money are available to you with a solid email marketing system in place.

Funny thing…

…even though most biz owners have heard how powerful email marketing is, …most people don’t even try it!

(or do, but do it totally wrong and end up REPELLING their prospects)

If you’re spending marketing dollars on media buys, radio, television, a billboard or even just a social media manager, ask yourself:

  • What’s the ROI?
  • What are the hard numbers?
  • Is there any real data to support continuing to spend?

As a hard-core internet marketer, I’m SOLD on two ways to build business:

1. Email Marketing
2. Adwords, by Google

Email allows you to leverage your existing relationships, it moves relationships with people who didn’t know you to raving fans. Best of all, you can measure results, down to the penny.

Intimidated? We can help. Now, you can have an entirely built-for-you email auto responder system that does the work of a superstar sales person 365 days a year, for as long as you want.

We can  set it up, manage the campaign and report statistics to you. Other solutions only require us to design the messages…regardless of how involved you want, we’ll write emails that sell.

Here’s a deal you can’t lose on:

Sign up for a “comprehensive consulting hour” with us. We’ll review your company, any existing email messages you have, analyze your market position and discuss strategies that can easily 2X, 5X or even 10X  your current marketing efforts.

There’s absolutely no risk to you, as we offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will walk away satisfied beyond all expectations. That’s right, if you don’t feel like we gave you way, way more value for the time and money spent, we do not want any of your money.

(We’re pretty fanatical about our reputation.)

In fact, chances are, you won’t walk away at all.

If we decide to work together, as a good “best-will” gesture, that consultation fee ($500) will be deducted from the quote we provide you for your email campaign.

It’s a win/win, and it’s time to take action. Click here and secure your time with us to make your business wildly successful right now:

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Keep in Mind: this “hour” consultative service is actually much more than 60 minutes. Behind the scenes, once we’ve received your documentation, we’ll dig in and look at your particular business, review your email & other marketing strategies, formulate an improved plan and discover ways to save money while increasing the power and reach of your marketing.

As soon as your payment is processed, Susan will contact you to schedule our time together.

She will also provide your consultative planning documents, so we can maximize our time together.

I look forward to helping you grow your business,

Jesse A. Moskel
Copywriter, Email Expert &
Certified Google Adwords Guy


P.S. – If you want to learn more about how the HIGH-POWERED “juice” a Google-certified Adwords pro can use transform your business with more leads and new customers than ever before, click here.

P.P.S. – Feel free to connect with me and ask any questions you have, through my able project manager, Susan. She’ll get a response to you within 24 hours.