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How a Ten Dollar Investment Returns a Million


(A guest post by my fabulous project manager, Susan)

Helping Hand

Two weeks ago, I was walking home from work when a man seated next to Starbucks stopped me.

“Hey, do you go to USC?” He asked. 

“Nope,” I answered without offering more insights. 

“Do you to go to Midlands Tech?” 


“Are you a nurse?”


 “What do you do?” 

Though flattered that the stranger thought I was a young college student, I was beginning to get irritated by the never ending questions. Hiding my hint of irritation, I let the stranger know I am a freelance project manager.

“What is that,” he proceeded. 

I did not feel like answering him. I had a lot on my mind all centered around the rough week I was having at work, and I had just turned 35, and not where I want to be in life. I was thinking of how I can make the life that I want and the gazillion things I want to do in the next day, week, year, 5…catch my drift? Above that, it was cold and windy, not the ideal weather for a chit-chat outside.

However, I was always taught to be polite and so I smiled and explained what I do.

“Sorry for asking many questions. I’ll tell you why I ask. I am HIV positive, Homeless, and an Ex-convict. I was just released from prison two weeks ago after serving a few years. I am not saying this for pity. I stopped you because you look like a student, and I want to find places where I can speak to young adults for free to caution them against living life on the fast lane. Hopefully, it will stop them from making decisions that could alter their lives forever.” 

That hit me hard!

With everything that this man had going ‘against’ him, he was focused on one thing – SERVICE. 

I was consumed with me, me, me, and a 5-year plan to improve ME.

He was focusing on the SERVING OTHERS, with a mortality clock ticking…loudly.

I offered to buy the man some coffee. We had a brief conversation about his background, provided him some information about local companies that have been employing the homeless and then bought him a sandwich for dinner at the deli next door.

I remembered an interesting story by Simon Sinek where he changed the handwritten cardboard sign for a homeless woman to read, “If you only give once a month, please think of me next time.” Read it here:

Maybe Q’s story was just an effective marketing piece, but it worked.

At the end of the day, I had spent less than $10 but felt like a MILLION DOLLARS. Q interrupted my self-centered thoughts and brought my attention back to SERVING OTHERS and GRATITUDE.

Why does your company exist? Why should your clients care about working with you?

As you celebrate the holidays and make plans for the new year, I challenge you and me to focus on service and gratitude. Don’t be surprised if the person you are serving has been waiting to vest you with the answer you need to make your business successful.

Happy holidays and a have a prosperous 2015! We look forward to serving your business in the new year.