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How Breaking the Rules can Lead You to Zen







“Life gives to the givers, and takes from the takers.” 

-Joe Polish (as quoted in Jeff Walker’s “Launch“)

If you enjoy stories about the human connections we sometimes find in our busy business worlds, you’ll enjoy this unusual “one-off” story where I left my comfort zone to make a connection across the increasingly flat world we humans all live in.

Here’s the story:

A world away from mine, in Beirut, Lebanon lives a man named Zahi.

His 100-year old company, Chararib, makes trimmings for ultra-high end customers who hire interior designers for their homes… The work they do is absolutely exquisite, beautiful stuff.

(Check it out here.)

Zahn has aspirations to improve his business, and he’s a man of action.

I know this, because he called me on Skype last week to write some business emails for him.

Interrupting my own story for a moment, I want to make clear that I AM one of those guys who’s suffered painfully from “Yes-ism,” the inability to say “NO” to projects that don’t serve the mission of the company…

(Read more on saying “NO” here.)

And since those frazzled days when I finally learned to say “NO” to the wrong work, opening the doors to the right jobs and the right people… we’ve done exponentially better.

But this day,

with my new friend Zahi,

I broke my rule,


And I said YES, with no hesitation.

I ask you:

How could I have done otherwise?

This was a gift, a beautiful opportunity to serve someone who had sought me out from another continent!

How on earth, you ask, did a man in Lebanon find me?

Great question.

I’ll tell you:

John Lee Dumas “told him”…

Yes, Zahi listens to the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast and isn’t afraid of crossing oceans, at least virtually, in order to grow his business!

Last week during Zahi’s call he told me all this, and we forged a small contract to do some business.

As I say, trimmings are not in our typical line of work.

Moskel LLC creates marketing for authors, coaches and speakers… but








When I hung up the phone with Zahi, I had to pause and consider the virtuous circle:

How my time in Thailand led to my podcast appearances, which led to a guy in San Diego recording a phone call with me in South Carolina, which led to a guy in Beirut, Lebanon listening…

which has now led to Zahi and I doing business, a zen experience.

Truly amazing!

None of us have met, yet we all worked together; my business, Zahi’s and John’s all profit from the synergy created with technologies we mostly take for granted these days.

Yes, sometimes it’s not about sticking to the “corporate” plan.

And yes, sometimes, it’s not about the money, even when it’s about the business…

I’m grateful for this zen experience because it reminded me what we’re all really here to do.

To help each other.

And that’s a payoff you won’t see in your bottom line, but I guarantee it’s worth breaking rules for, every now and then.

Speaking of getting outside your regular mindset, if you’d like to read a book that just might blow your mind — and get the equivalent of a “Magic 8-ball” look into our coming future — I’m reading and recommending Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World, right now.

Can NOT recommend it highly enough…

And if you’re unable to read, stop listening to what I call “bubblegum” (music, which has little nutritional value for your brain) and absorb some intelligence with a great podcast…

Maybe, just maybe you’ll find your “Zahi” today, and be re-awed by this wonderful, amazing world we live in.

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