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Have you ever heard the line: “up a creek with no paddle?”

Well, I’ve actually lived it. Let me tell you a quick story:

A few weeks ago I was in Charleston, enjoying the sun with a friend on one of the placid backwaters near Folly Beach…

We paddled upstream a few miles, and then began the return journey, against the tide.

It was strenuous, but not overly taxing. After all, it was a beautiful day and perfect weather…

Until my boat got twisted around, under one of the piers…

I’d gotten turned around the wrong way and ended up in a shallow with the boat resting on a bit of a sandbar, stuck fast.

The only way out was to use my paddle, and push off hard as I could. The sand was soft, and I watched as one end of the blade sunk into the sand. I pushed, and snap!

I pulled the handle back out, minus the blade.

One wrong move and I realized: I was way, way up the creek, with only half a paddle! And the tide kept going out…

I DID make it home. But the extra effort I had to expend, combined with the laughter coming from my buddy’s boat, and I knew:

I looked pretty silly.

I was paddling HARD against the tide from the right side, watching the boat turn too far to the left, then rushing my broken paddle over to the left side to even it out.

I was handicapped.

If I’d had a good paddle, things would have been easier. fun. Relaxing.

In your business, are you using the best tools for marketing? Or, like me that day, are you paddling like hell just to stay even with the tide?

If you’ve got a marketing problem, it can feel like you’re up the creek.

But the good news is, I can throw you a life vest. (Or I can fly in with my helicopter and airlift you out, depending on the size of your problem…)

Here’s what to do next:

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To Your Success,

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