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INFLUENCERS: How You Can Cash IN on the Upcoming Social Media Payday


Mark Twain, the great author of novels I grew up with had a quote about investing:

“Buy real estate, they’re not making it anymore.”

Well, we can forgive him because in the late 1800s Social Media platforms hadn’t yet been conceived. However, now in 2017… a new “real estate” is shooting up and if you’re an influencer, the time to buy is now.

Understand Your Opportunity

Have you ever stopped to really consider the phrase, “Social media?” What does it mean? How can it change your business?

Just what is “social media?” It’s just a media for people to be social? Right?

If so, it’s a very clever touch of arbitrage, because that’s what we tend to do: share ourselves on it. And since we’re on the topic of definitions, what’s a “media?”

A place for us to hang out and post vacation photos, carefully choosing the best of the best…. And what is the result of posting all those little bits of our lives all over the place?

Ask Facebook’s owner, Mark Zuckerburg.

His wealth, which is mostly comprised of Facebook shares, is currently at $46.8 billion dollars.

Based on that statistic alone, you should be asking where the next emerging superstars will come from. You could start investing in stocks, but I hope you’ll see past that payout, for your own long-term payday. And if you’re already thinking about finding a hot developer to start your own… that’s not a bad idea, either.


Some of the biggest companies in the world — with multi-billion dollar valuations, are just apps. Right now, social media platforms are getting built everywhere. That’s one gold rush that will eventually be plumbed out. If you’re an influencer, I’ll recommend you look to the bigger gold rush you can create yourself:

Create Your Own Dominant Audience


As smart people know, audience equals attention. And where attention goes, dollars flow.

Smart people also know this: eventually corporations will shoulder the little guys out and a king, or two or three princes, much like facebook today, will reign. There’s other reasons it’s Zuckerburg there instead of a corp(se) now, but that’s another day’s conversation.

Here’s what you can take to the bank:

The crop of savvy influencers who’ve been crafting and testing and branding all over these soon-to-be-incredibly-high-priced real estate pieces will be able to sell time–the attention they’ve earned –to the highest bidders.

The Day is Coming When People Will Sell Their Followers

The biggest paydays will go to those who work the hardest today. Fights for those properties (audiences) are sure to be intense.

So, those audiences. How do you cash in? Well, if you’re an influencer and have room to grow to the half-million, million follower mark, you could be looking at a retirement payout.

Yeah, I know… seems weird, at first. Retire because I have a social media presence?!

But think about personal brands today who have fully-grown audiences now: think Brendon Burchard or an Oprah…

People like that, with a high number of followers could cash in by selling their audience, (and their business), retain a small role to promote and grow that brand while living in relative retirement and luxury.

I’m Not Oprah… Does this Work for Me?

You can start building a high quality follow-worthy social media presence now, and be ready in a couple short years, with a million or more quality followers.

How much could that be worth?

You’re only limited by your creativity, or the agency you hire. Also, just like real estate, you will want to watch market fluctuations. Sell high! Watch out for bubbles, because this is surely a place where news and trends will deeply impact valuations.

If you want to see my Report,”Social Media Strategy to a Million,” email me.


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  1. The actual quote from Mark Twain was “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

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