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How to Find Your Biggest Champion










What’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

(Hold that thought, while you read this. We will come back to that question in a moment.)


What’s the first thing you said to yourself this morning?

Did you groan because you didn’t want to get up? Or maybe you went to bed too late for your alarm and winced at the pain you felt from that second whiskey you drank…


“Why did I do that?” I’ve been guilty of asking myself, first thing in the morning.

Regret is surely not the wisest way to start anyone’s day.


There are a million different ways to wake up, and I’ve tried most of them. Recently I discovered what I believe is possibly the best way on earth.


Since this discovery, I’ve been enjoying increasingly awesome days, ever since. Now, this is an iron-clad habit that’s transforming my life, even now.


Here’s the simple, yet profound story:

Have you ever heard someone exclaim, “that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me [all week, or all month, or this year]!”

I got to thinking about this, and realized:

Shouldn’t the nicest things we hear come directly and regularly from ourselves always, or very nearly always?

Anyone who’s able to say to another,  “that is the nicest thing said to me” is basically admitting they are not their own biggest champion.


Think on that for a moment…


Should we really entrust others with saying nice things about us? I’m personally surrounded by amazing people, and yet, this issue is far too important to wait on, I want to take action, right away, every single morning!


If it’s true that we’re nearly always engaged in self-talk, why not push out the inevitable negative words, with our own self-championing speeches, starting now?


Going forward, my goal is to ALWAYS be able to proudly say I tell myself the most wonderful, positive, effusive, glowing, power-infusing, loving words of anyone on the planet! 

From the moment I wake, it’s up to me, every single day.


Regardless of whether I’ve treated myself to whiskey the night before, or I stayed up to see the Playoffs, or simply slept poorly…

It’s always possible to wake up, and say something extraordinarily nice to yourself!

Try it!

Let words of kindness, encouragement and support POUR out of you, right away, tomorrow, when you first wake up. 

If you don’t do this, why not give it a try?

If you’re not your biggest fan, who will be?

If you don’t love you first, who will be second?

When you start your day thanking yourself for being awesome, telling yourself this is going to be the best day ever, you drastically increase the odds that it actually will be.

GO ahead, practice now:  tell you you’re happy to be alive… say:

I like myself…

I love my life!

When you accept and praise the world you inhabit you will find yourself pushing your potential into a whole new dimension of possibility and joy.

This simple, quick exercise, practiced daily will supercharge your mind, infuse your body with electricity and then, on the heels of all this wonderfulness, you can authentically, truthfully say to yourself:

“I am my own biggest champion… and THESE are the nicest things anyone’s said to me!”


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  1. Love the post. When asked, “How are you?”, my
    acupuncturist always replies “Better and better.”
    He uses the statement as a mantra to teach his
    brain to expect each moment to be better than the
    previous one.
    Personally, I use Marisa Peer’s statement: “I am
    enough” each day to reinforce my worth / value.

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