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How to Get Rich: The $100,000 Secret I Found in a Dirty Parking Lot


Moskel on Wealth

In this post, I reveal one of the simple yet powerful shifts you can make right now to completely alter your financial life.

And get this: 9 of 10 readers WON’T try it–but if you do, or have done, let me know your results in the comments below.

Here’s the exact story: 

A long time ago, I was struggling.

I was broke, and I was living in my Mother’s guest room–complete with the pink wallpaper and frilly trim.

Sleeping on a day bed, I would roll out and look for work.

Just then, I’d gotten very little traction:

  • I was working as a coordinator for a kids basketball league at the local Presbyterian church, $8/hour, for 5-8 hours weekly.
  • I also worked Saturdays at Planet Fitness, one of the many places I’d applied for employment. This was one of the first which didn’t run a background check. They too paid $8/hour, which meant my weekly take home was about $160.

Yes, one hundred and sixty dollars. Before taxes.

There I was, scrimping and saving… wondering when I’d find my way off the poverty train.

Little did I suspect, I was about to discover something at the gym which would change my financial outlook forever… and in the next twelve months multiply my income by 75X!

One caveat: when I tell you what happened, you probably won’t believe me.

You’ll say, “Nah Jesse, that can’t be all there was to it! …must be something else!”

This is your right, to believe what you want.

All I can do is report this odd little circumstance, a eccentricity really, and what happened to me, after I adapted it, myself.

One Saturday morning, at Planet Fitness…

Pat and Terry, the franchise owners, and I were walking through the back parking lot of this giant shopping strip mall behind the gym (it was a converted grocery)…

Suddenly, Pat exclaimed “oh boy!” and reached down to pick something up.

A few steps later, Terry said “oh yeah!” and stooped down, grabbing something which was clearly valuable, off that pavement.

I started looking myself to see what I was missing. Scanning the pavement, I quickly realized:

These two old birds were scooping pennies off that dilapidated old asphalt lot.

But not just any pennies.

These were nasty… they’d been there for years.

The pennies were filthy, muck-covered and nearly impossible to recognize!

Yet, with each acquisition, I heard distinct exclamations of GREAT joy and increasing excitement!

These two were acting like they had won the lottery.

I thought they were crazy…

It made no sense at all (ok, so it made “cents,” thanks wordsmiths), and I asked myself: what did these two batty old people do to come into their millions?

Well, my friend, in case you haven’t already figured this out, Pat and Terry lived by the mantra:

Whenever you find money, no matter how big or small, celebrate it every single time!

An attitude…

These two ware shepherds of money.

They saw those pennies, and saw money. Didn’t matter the denomination.

And you know, if it had been $100 bills, that filthy, I would have been scooping them up, and elbowing Terry and Pat out of the way!

Friend, I told you, before that day, I was as broke as it gets…

But only 12 months after I saw the value in doing what Pat and Terry did, I was well on my way to becoming independently wealthy.

Ever since then, I’ve picked pennies up off the ground, no matter how dirty they are!

In fact, just yesterday, I walked out my front door, for a quick walk…

Halfway up my block, I saw a dirty penny. It was nearly black and I almost missed it.

But I didn’t.

Now that penny is sitting here on my desk, right next to my keyboard where I have given it a new home.

There’s money everywhere in this world, and it’s our job to protect it and care for it.

(Sharing it too, is part of that.)

Is it your destiny to become rich and wealthy? Perhaps not… but if you would like to help the poor, don’t become one of them, but rather put yourself in a position where you can help them.

If you’d like to have more money for living your life, I’d only ask you to consider how you treat whatever you currently have.

Do you care for it?

Do you save the money you get, invest it, or are you living paycheck-to-paycheck?

Is it possible that the amount of money you have is determined by the attitude you carry toward money?

I’d like to challenge you to try this experiment, for a month: pick up pennies, wherever you find them.

And let me know how it goes in the comments!

To your success,

Jesse Moskel

PS: Self-talk is often the culprit, even more than our actions, in determining how much wealth we have. If you’d like to read a book that change your life for the better, I highly recommend anything by T. Harv Eker.

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  1. Susan K.

    What a wonderfully inspiring story…you are “spot-on” with your positive mindset. It matters not how small nor is all about intention!😊

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