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How to Magically Transport Your Vision to Reality in One Simple Step


This story may require a little faith on your part.

But if you’d like to discover an unlimited new power you already possess, read on to see how you can use a magical process to get ever greater results in your life.


Everyone has their own views on the power of the human mind…

Some of us believe life happens to us, while others are empowered by a dominating passionate religious belief we can absolutely control reality, with each passing moment.

I happen to be firmly seated in this latter category.


And telling you what happened to me just yesterday, I hope, will serve you as inspiration to try and see if you can create, explicitly from your mind, some new thing you’d like to see in your reality.

Here’s the story:

Yesterday I began my day with the idea firmly planted that I would like to start speaking more.

Now, I do belong to Toastmasters, in fact, I’m the VP of PR (appropriate, right?) for my local club.


The downside of speaking there is that while it’s great experience in a safe environment, I want to get out there and get more “real” challenges.

My entire purpose for speaking is to give back to my community…

And I have lately begun feeling that it’s high time I find another outlet for sharing my ideas.

My experience…

My failures and success.

Thinking on this, I went to the Soda City Farmer’s Market for lunch.

I grabbed a delicious sandwich, and sat down in front of the Marriott on Main Street to enjoy the beautiful Columbia South Carolina noon weather.

(Not too hot, in the shade…perfect for people watching and sandwich-munching.)

People were everywhere, and I happened to grab the only available table.

Needing some cutlery, I left my closed to-go container on my seat – to save it – and dashed away.

When I returned, I was no longer alone.

A young Asian woman sat next to my seat, with the largest turkey leg I’ve ever seen.

We made small talk, and her husband appeared.

The three of us chatted amiably and eventually talk turned to work. Jamie is a grad student here at USC. The woman, Jiehan, shared her frustration with being unable to reach the most difficult teens in her non-profit work at the Urban League.

(I saw a window opening!)

I told her of my experience, speaking to exactly these types…

And my history of being one of these ‘hard-headed’ youths…

Within a few minutes, we were exchanging contact information and she was excitedly telling me I’d be speaking at her events soon.

Now, would that connection, from all the randomness have appeared if I didn’t “will and hope for it”?

I don’t know.

And it’s not important…

What is important for you is:

Try this right now, and see what opens up, for you.

All I did was put what I wanted on paper, meditate on it a little and POOF!

Opportunity and brisket sandwiches!

If you’ve got any experience using positive visualization in your life, leave me your story in the comments below.

And if you’d like to read more about this topic, I recommend Maxwell Maltz’s great book, Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to Get More Living Out of Life.

2 Replies

  1. Jesse
    Great story! I’ve had a similar experience with my wholegrain baking business. Three years ago when I first had the business idea, I came across some really cool biodegradable packaging for cakes that I thought I would love to use some day. Three months ago I launched my idea, developing a range to supply to local food businesses and eventually sell at a farmers’ market stall. The only ones who were interested were a health food store, who in fact wanted my baked goods packaged, and guess what? The only packaging that works perfectly across my entire product range are the biodegradable cake boxes I came across three years ago! 🙂
    Btw, I really enjoyed your podcast on EOFire!
    Thanks, Ishoo.

    1. Ishoo
      Thanks for sharing your experience… it’s funny how easy it is to get hung up on what we call these experiences. While others are talking, I like to get out and USE these powers for good. Way to take action for your business, which looks great, by the way. Here’s the link, for anyone interested:

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