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How To Overcome Your Fears and Expand Your Business



My mantra?

Get in over your head.

What’s that mean?

==>Take on a project you do NOT know how to do.

By the end of it, you’ll know more, you’ll have new confidence,and it’s pretty unlikely you’ll blow anything up, so just go for it!

Here’s a real life example:

My first copywriting job that morphed into what we call “delivery management.”

So, for a while there, several years actually, I literally just wrote the sales copy.

I would do research, write the emails and send the “product” off to the client, where he or she would do the actual emailing to their prospects or customers.

See that? Writing only.

Nothin’ else.

Well, one day I had a customer say something like, “Gee, um I’m not so good with Constant Contact, so um, could you send this series for me?”

(I paused…)

He said, “You guys do that, right?”

“YES, Yes – OF COURSE we do,” was my eventual response.

And I did it. It was NOT easy. I was nervous. I feared mistakes. Early on, I made some blunders.

(I’ll tell you about those, another time)

So I did it for that client. It went well, I even collected a better fee. (this stuff really can take a good bit of time.)

And now? I do it for 90% of my clients.

IN FACT, I just did a regular copywriting job – like the old days, writing done, I emailed it off…and I hated it!

I want to know my statistics. I want to see my open rates, my successful subject lines, my click-throughs.

Now? I guess I could say writing emails is like giving birth…letting someone else send them is like putting them up for adoption. PAINFUL.

So. This is just one little story of how saying YES to something I had no idea how to do – getting in over my head – enabled growth, expanded my services and helped my and my business grow, exponentially.

Chances are, there’s a service your clients are asking you to do. My advice?

Don’t be safe, today. Take a risk. Try for something new. Stretch!

And, if you can, don’t blow anything up. 🙂

-Jesse Moskel