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How to Stop a Bleeding Neck


Recently I saw a really incredible marketing effort.

This guy had dozens of videos, websites, e-books, webinar info,
all with an ultra-impressive, gleaming wall of six giant
computer monitors…

Underneath his signature in email, are six different website
addresses. Six!

So many ways to pull clients toward him.

Truth be told, I never would have seen the guy, had he not
reached out to us in search of a marketing guru.

Uh…wait. Why does he need help with marketing?

If doing all this stuff were enough, he should have been at the
top of his field.

It was, at first glance, a pretty impressive ‘arsenal’ of work.

As I sifted through this guy’s videos I was reminded of the
“dangers” inherent in any marketing effort.

Just because you build it…doesn’t mean they will come.

In fact, marketing done wrong means that you will actually repel
potential customers from your site/property/business.

The tone of his work wasn’t bad…per say, but something didn’t
ring true for me. It was impressive, as I said, but just a
little too full of what he could do. What he was about. What
he’d already accomplished. He…he…he…

I began to wonder whether he cared about ‘lil old me.’

I began to doubt whether his interests, his apparent
self-concern would later somehow transfer to me…

Don’t know about you, but I tend to trust my instincts in cases
such as this.

And I can only imagine other would-be customers were having the
same experience.

The more I watched, the more I felt uncomfortable. It was
unmistakable, I wouldn’t be giving this guy my money.

He had build an impenetrable wall around himself with the very
levers that should have led people to his business.

Moral of this story: don’t be boring, make sure your marketing
isn’t about you. Unless you’re trying to sell yourself to

Instead…speak to your audience’s desperate need. As I heard
Perry Marshall say today, “find the customer with a bleeding

Gotta love that vivid image: a man, staggering toward you, both
hands drenched in blood, teeth clenched, eyes desperate. Do you
think such a man would like a long story of where you went to
school? Perhaps if not for the choking and gasping through the
torn flesh of his throat, he’d ask you about past clients you’ve
had, or who you know?

Nope. He want’s to know how you can help him. NOW.

Get this one little detail right, and the sky is no limit, my

-Jesse Moskel