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How to Write an Awesome Gratitude List (and End the Funk)



Quick post, today boys and girls…

If you ever wanted to feel better about life, you can take a quarter sheet of paper and create a magical, transformative gratitude list in 2

minutes or less, and find your mood irreversibly enhanced, right now.

And since I’m all about visual positive reinforcement, here’s EXACTLY how I do it:


10 List of Gratitude Jesse Moskel













(Since I write a lot of these, I strive not to repeat myself. That’s why you’ll see me coming up with some pretty creative things to be grateful for!)

Yes, I’m grateful for my teef.

And a whole, WHOLE lotta other great stuff it’s easy to take for granted.

Remember, there is no secret to living well, but there are a whole lotta secrets to making this life great!

Try this, right now.

And in the comments below, add one thing that’s great in your life, today.

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