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How to Sell Products While Drinking Beer!

The PROVEN Method That Lets You Sell Your Products or Services While you Drink Beer!

Hi – Jesse Moskel here,

Let me start with a quick story:

In February I wrote a series of emails for an investment banker…

…we sent the first email out on a Friday. Saturday morning our
client was in the office and called us to say he made “a couple

(He was actually ecstatic – each sale is between $10-25K)

Two months after that campaign, he sent me this:


At the Ball Game


There really is no better possible testimonial for email marketing.

This email shows you a couple important things about how we work:

  • First of all, let’s point out the obvious: my client was drinking beer at a baseball game while the email we wrote for him was making sales!
  • Second, my client’s new customer actually had hit reply to the very first email we had sent, WAY back in the beginning of February! Although he didn’t take action for a long time – it was a single email that was now responsible for over $100,000 in sales.
  • Last but not least: we are getting texts from our client’s iPhone at a baseball game. This speaks to the type of close relationship we typically enjoy with our clients. This makes it FUN, and is because we’re pretty selective with who we choose to work with.

Now, just a word more on that: if you and I talk about working
together, rest assured, I won’t agree to work unless I am
supremely confident that we can really make a difference in your

(These days I turn down about 4 out of 5 proposals.)

The client may have had an unrealistic expectation of what we can
do, or we just didn’t have the right chemistry.
[Be WARY of any copywriter that’s too eager to work for you!]

**Choosing a copywriter is not like choosing any other freelancer
for your business.

We typically operate as the sales department for your company.
It’s imperative that the match be really terrific. If we don’t
have any rapport, there’s no way we can write in your voice – and
as you well know, your customers will only buy when the message
is authentic.

PLUS, call me crazy…I only want to work on biz that is wildly
successful! It’s good for my ego. And it’s good for both our bank

So, what’s the next step?

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your biz bring in bags
overflowing with cash from with email marketing, I propose a
quick chat.


==>Send my project manager an email and I’ll get right back to you.

Include a little about what you’re hoping to achieve from our
relationship, along with any current pages from your website or
email marketing you are now using, and we’ll go from there.

All the BEST,

Jesse Moskel

PS. A word on pricing: a typical engagement includes marketing
expertise, writing and building a sales funnel. This can easily
amount to several thousand dollars or more, in addition to a
monthly fee. We’re reasonable, but not cheap.

(Our phone chat will include a frank discussion on pricing, and
expected outcomes.)

PPS. If you’re more interested in a “package solution,” we do
have a product you might be interested in:

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