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What are You doing, at 1 O’clock in the Morning?




I was already in bed, way overtired and close to sleep. I had

Gary Halbert’s Boron Letters propped up on my pillow beside me,
and I was reading what was probably going to be my last page
before I passed out.

My eyes were already blinking shut when I saw this line:

“The best letter ever to use this technique was the classic
“dollar bill” letter featured in ‘The Robert Collier Letter
Book.’ (must reread)”

Now, let me give you the background: I buy a couple new books
every time I get paid.

It’s one of my ‘get-sharper’ strategies.

I’m always looking for great books to add to my “to buy” list.
I knew if Gary Halbert was telling me to ‘re-read’ something
I hadn’t read yet, I better get cracking.

(Gary is considered one of the best copywriters to have ever lived.)

Problem was, I was practically asleep. And it was after 1AM. Who
would blame me for not jumping up and taking action, just then?

Me, that’s who.

Friends, without so much as a peep of complaint, I hopped out of
bed and padded down the hall to get my computer (I had an idea I
wanted to write out, too). Sadly, I realized my laptop was out in
the car.

Surely that would deter me, especially since it was raining and
thundering out?

Nope. Not me. I don’t honestly think I even gave it a first (never
mind a second) thought.

I pushed into my slippers, through the door and retrieved my
Macbook air from my Camry’s trunk.

What’s my point?

Sleep is NOTHING compared to the priority I’ve established for
becoming the greatest copywriter I can possibly be.

It’s been said: “Everyone has 4 “Millionaire Ideas” per year.

The thing is, most people don’t write them down, or even worse,
we tell someone, who then replies with: “nah, can’t be done…” and
the idea dies on the vine…

I’ve been there. I used to even try to talk my sleepy brain into
remembering the thought until the next morning…

(THAT never works, for me…)

These days I’m driven. Sleep will come later. Right now,
I’m on a mission.

[This is what success looks like.]

And sure, mine is modest, when measured against what I hope to
accomplish, but none-the-less, I’m committed to taking MASSIVE
action, overcoming inertia and doing everything it takes to
achieve the goals I have for myself, today, now, this very

I hope you are too. All the best!

-Jesse Moskel