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Legal Copywriting: A Little-known Way to Boost Your Law Practice Profits FAST!

Attention Lawyers and Attorneys of all Types:

If you want to get the edge on the competition in your legal niche, there’s no better way to BOOST your income than by hiring a direct response copywriter.


“Jesse, You never cease to amaze me.  Where I would have (written) in a dry, legal tone, you’ve provided answers that, like all of the writing you’ve done for me, works on an emotional level!” -Rick Banks,



During the past couple years, I’ve been hired by a variety of lawyers to sell many legally-related products.

Smart attorneys have hired me for everything from capturing Volkswagen plaintiffs on the web, to finding people for a class-action lawsuit against giant pharmaceutical companies.

We also write:

  • Legal blogs with a smart “call-to-action”
  • Email opt-in copy
  • Email series
  • LinkedIn profiles
  • About pages
  • Sales pages
  • Lead magnets (the “FREE” reports prospects get for signing up)

One often-overlooked area lawyers would do well to hire a copywriter is for their homepage.

The words on their primary web page are the first thing visitors see when they come to your site, and the message you share is critical for persuading potential clients they will get what they need by sticking around.

If you’re keen to keep more of your web traffic and turn that into paying customers, consider a base package that makes sense for lawyers:

  1. Home page copy (1 page)
  2. About page (1 page)
  3. A lead magnet 3-5 pages as a free downloadable report
  4. A 5-series email sequence that turns visitors into buyers
  5. A sales page with opt-in / buy or call now language


A top copywriter can cost $5,000 just to look at your project.

We deliver greater expertise and more value with less hassle, at less than half that cost…

If you’re serious about getting results from your website, and you want to let customers see the difference in what you offer, get in touch right now.

Contact us here. 

(Keep in mind we only accept 3 projects per month, and we often stay booked in advance 60-90 days.)