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My Deal With the Devil


Quick story for you:

About six months ago, I made a deal with the devil…

I made an iron-clad commitment with myself to buy my first rental property when my year lease was up (this past May).

I didn’t have the money… I didn’t know where I’d buy, or how I would structure the deal, only that I had a deadline, a will, and an expectation that the way would present itself!


NONE of that mattered.

I decided I would not be stopped by anything.

With razor-sharp focus, I threw what I’d learned of “life/work balance” right out the window.

My goal was singular…

I worked 18 hour days, putting copy jobs out at the pace of five men…

It was barbaric.

I slaved away, ignoring rest, exercise, church, outside writing and my typically good diet…

And… within a few days of finishing my lease, I closed on my first property.


I did it.

But that’s not what this post is about.


Not even close.

Yes, I accomplished a feat worthy of some accolades.

And I LOVED hitting that big goal: the difficulty, the reward, the sweat and stretching of my own abilities…

but the REAL pay off was at Saxe Gotha the day I returned to the gym for a basketball game with all the buddies I’d neglected these past six months.

And you know what I realized?

The ball games are the most fun in my life.

  • Yes, I love being a real estate investor – another dream come true in a life I keep wondering when I’ll wake from…
  • Yes, I am supremely glad I drove myself to achieve this newest milestone,
  • Yes, I love being a goal-seeker and checking off boxes on my master list for life,
  • And yes, I am particularly ecstatic about the particularly amazing property I got my hands on…

but the games. The games… the smiles, the high fives and the friends…

That’s so much gold I walked away from!

Getting back was worth the whole effort.

(And I think I’m better now for having been gone.)

If you’ve forgotten any part of your health lately, I urge you to get out and take care of YOU.

Do what you used to do, today. Your body, your life, your family, your friends, your longevity… all of it will THANK YOU.

Have a “best day ever!”

(And don’t forget to play some games…)

Your friend,

Jesse Moskel

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