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On Escaping from Prison



Harry Houdini, the famous magician and escape artist from the

1900s had a very unique selling position. Everywhere he went, he

issued this proclamation:


“Lock me in any jail cell in the country, and I’ll escape, in

short order.”


Always, he kept his promise. Only one time, something went wrong.


Houdini entered the jail in his street clothes and was locked

in, behind a heavy iron door with a thud. Quickly a piece of

metal appeared from his belt, and he went to work on the lock. 


This wasn’t like other times. 


Houdini worked and worked, only the door wasn’t co-operating. 30

minutes passed, then an hour. By then, he was covered in sweat,

breathing heavy, exasperated and embarrassed. 


After two hours, Harry collapsed, defeated. 


He slumped to the floor, in failure, against the door which he

could not open…and it swung open; it had never been locked

properly in the first place!


Of course, in Houdini’s mind, the door was locked-that was all

it took to keep him from opening it and walking free.