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One Little-Known Technique Guaranteed to Thrill Your Best Clients


moskel_technique_for_raving_fansWhat you’re about to discover is so forehead-slappingly obvious, yet I pretty much guarantee this will be the first time you’ve ever seen this strategy, anywhere…

And I confess: I thought about doing this simple trick for months, before I implemented it.

Eventual result?

I’ve turned away half a dozen jobs this week, which means, I’m in higher demand than ever, and I’m not even marketing these days…

Here’s the incredible story:

I have a tabletop stand in which I keep all my active client’s folders…

It’s elevated, so from the back, I can see the tabs where I put each job’s title.


Now, about those tabs…

In the beginning, I wrote the company names on these folder tabs…

But last year, I met some industry guys who really treated their customers like crap.

I noticed they seemed to think they were better than their clients. They ignored customer emails and phone calls, and bitched and moaned anytime they had to do things for these people who were paying for their lifestyle…


NEEDLESS to say, this rubbed me the wrong way.


In a world where there are millions of competitors one of the best things you and I can do to differentiate ourselves is to provide the type of service that befriends our clients, treats them like family…

This sort of white glove care ensures that we’ll always have a terrific backlog of happy clients, willing to wait in line, gladly paying premium costs for the top-notch…whatever you do.

But those guys I met last year honestly seemed to hate their employers!

I’ll tell you though, they did inspire me to change my manilla folder system. But first, here’s what happened to the “client-hating business:” they are no more.


Folded up and disappeared, another tech company is now a ghost, which frankly, I doubt anyone even cares.


Wanting to distance myself even further from those bums, I redesigned my folder system with a small change which, as I said, has made an extraordinary difference.

Here’s what I did:

1. I threw away all the folders with business names and .com addresses on them.

2. And I started fresh, by putting the client contact’s real name on each folder.

Now, even if I’m working for a big company, my direct report or the owner’s name is there in big letters, staring at me all day long.

I work with people, not companies…

It’s people like you that are the reason I can have everything I want in life.

I help you, you help me.


It’s a beautiful thing…

Small shift?



Big mindset that works wonders for me?


You bet!


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  1. Very well said, Jesse! Somehow we’ve lost touch of the importance of the individual people that give us business. Every person has a name and a story to go with it. I think I just might change the tabs on my file folders too!

    1. That’s awesome to hear, Morgan. I’m eager to find out if it makes a difference. Honestly, I have always envisioned doing this by adding photos – but it’s always been a bear to face doing that, time-wise. Baby steps… 🙂

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