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Q & A: Part 1



New clients often ask…


1. What platforms do you guys use?

The short answer is this: whatever you use, we can work with it.

We actually have an ongoing contract with GetResponse. Right now we’re using Send Grid a lot, Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact. But that’s really just a detail. The power is in the words


2. What is your hourly rate?

We usually do things on a fee-based schedule.

Writing projects at a really high level of quality needs heavy research.

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, there’s more of a learning curve. This means we often spend 3X as much as we would expect, later in our relationship.

Here’s an example: Let’s say we’re calling you to have a conversation about the vision of your company. We do this, so that we can write in your voice. If done correctly, this makes your newsletter more authentic and readable…ultimately, it makes you more money.

If you were watching the clock during that conversation, your project would suffer.

We also hire designers, programmers, etc. We’ve found that per-project fees mean there’s no surprises when the bills come in.


3. Why should I hire two people when one is cheaper?

Our pricing is often comparable to other solo writers. In cases where we’re more expensive, you might be comparing apples to oranges. Ben and I have a system which we feel multiplies the quality of your writing project.

As with everything in life, you typically get what you’re paying for.

Which would you prefer? A solo guy, working with one perspective and one voice? Or a trio – two brothers and a dedicated project manager whose expectations for your job are a minimum of a 3X – 10X ROI? More people = more angles.

Hope this helps. If you have something else you would like to know, please email Susan with your questions.