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Q & A: Part 3



Here are two more common questions you may have about email marketing:


1. What call to action (CTA) do you recommend for my product?

This one is relatively simple, and is best answered by you. So I’ll pose you a question: what’s the outcome you want for your email marketing? Unless you’re from a world I’ve never been to, the answer is typically going to be sales, or an action (like visiting your website or clicking to an affiliate) which ultimately leads to making the cash register ring. That’s why we’re in business.

Finding the call to action that works best with your particular audience is just one part of our job as marketing consultants. Good writing is well-targeted writing, and during the course of discovery we’ll ask you questions to understand your database, your ideal customer.


2. What are your expectations for my list of email addresses?

You have email addresses? That’s a great start. Whatever number you have, we can mail to them. What will happen next is typically determined by what kind of leads you have. Here is an incomplete list of questions we might ask:

  • Did you buy the leads?
  • Did you collect them from your site?
  • How did you collect them? Did you give them something for free?
  • Are they expecting to hear from you?
  • Have they already heard from you, and what did you send?
  • Did they double opt-in, or are we to expect a high spam issue, or bounce rate from false addresses?


3. My list is really old/small. I’m not sure it’s worth mailing to these addresses.

On the contrary! I still recommend you mail to them. What can it hurt? Even if your list is small, if it’s well-targeted, you could achieve great results. I have seen great things come from lists as small as dozens. Further, we’ve mailed to ‘cold lists’ of years old, and gotten terrific results. You just never quite know…

Email marketing, for all it’s very scientific testing aspects, contains quite a few unknowns which are best investigated with aggressive testing and action.

Fortune favors the brave, I always say.