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Something You Should Never, Ever Do… (John Carlton)


The “Grizzled Pro”

Last night I was reading a “rant” by one of the most revered copywriters alive, Mr. John Carlton.

John is a baseball fan, and his rant included a tirade on the repetitive “big brand” commercials they invariably run through his beloved baseball games (that’s the game with the wooden “bat” and little ball with red stitches for you “less grizzled” ones out there).

John seemed distraught over advertisers unwillingness (and fear) to experiment. Rightly so. The world would be a better place if all those billions of advertising dollars were spent in more creative and entertaining ways.

Who wants to see the very same ad a dozen times a night? It’s impersonal and insulting…

A recent prospective client send me a very interesting email last week, which I’ll share here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 12.52.12 PM


As you might imagine, this email generated my own little “rant”.

I responded to him, but really just to assert my own sense of superiority…

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.18.37 PM

Needless to say, we did not move forward on a project together. On reflection, rather than shake my head, like Mr. Carlton, I am actually glad there are plenty of people like this, running ads during baseball games and trying to sell $700 hotel rooms.

Why? It leaves plenty of room for great marketing for clients who “get it”. There will always be a few of us out here: solid, direct-response marketers who are getting great results for their clients, and having a ball doing so.

If that sounds like you, why don’t you give me a shout?

You can have an hour to consult with me on the very same things John Carlton does, for a fifth of the price. And here’s a bonus: you won’t have to hear a word about baseball during your hour with me.

To your success,

Jesse Moskel

P.S. – Here’s the info about consulting with me. Check it out, it comes with a pretty unbeatable guarantee, a real uh, “home-run”. 😉

P.P.S. – The rant I referred to by the revered, Mr. Carlton can be found right here.

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