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If you’re looking for a dynamic, heartfelt speaker who interlaces touching personal stories with reality-based success themes, look no further.

Hello Jesse! All of us really appreciate the moving story you tell… with your perspective it’s quite a valuable one for anyone who has the chance to hear it. –William Field

 When you need a reliable, polished speaker, who entertains, educates and inspires, hurry, and book Jesse Moskel. If you want people talking about how great your event was for months after it’s over, don’t miss this chance to hear some of the most improbable and spectacular stories being told today.

Here’s a two-minute clip with Jesse, who shared the stage with Clayton Makepeace, John Carlton, Mark Ford and more, encouraging aspiring copywriters to launch their business at the 2015 AWAI copywriter’s convention in Delray Beach:

“It’s always a pleasure having you come speak with the youth; not only do you inspire them to do better and achieve their maximum goals, but you do the same for me. Keep up the wonderful work that your displaying; more people need to hear and listen to what you have to say… ”                                               

-Ricky McNair, Director at Taking Back Our Youth

Right now you can schedule Jesse Moskel to speak at your next corporate event. (See form below)

Available for breakout, keynote and panel speaking, the primary, customizable topics are:

  • The Secrets of Selling (Customer Service, Sales & Marketing)                                                                            
  • How to get More from the Life You Live  (Goals and Career Planning)
  • “How to Grow Your Business Fast with Powerful Copywriting Techniques (Business Strategy & Mindset)
  • Become an Overnight Success (in less than Ten Years!) (Entrepreneurship & Mindset)
  • Keynote Only: Learning to Dance When there’s No Music and You’re all AloneLessons Learned Escaping from a Third World Prison” (Mindset, Values, Leadership)

As the Vice President of Membership  of the Palmetto Health Toastmaster’s Club, Jesse regularly employs the fine art of compelling personal stories in all his speaking engagements. With vivid descriptions and raw emotion, he creates a powerful sense of excitement for the possibilities in your life, regardless of any obstacles that might temporarily be standing in your way.

“Jesse’s story is one that must be told over and over to as many people as possible! His story truly is awe-inspiring. His is the story of the power of God’s transformational love and grace in the midst of human brokenness and tragedy.”        

Paul David Kurts, GCI

Jesse draws on ten years of corporate experience, the extreme ups and downs of entrepreneurial life, mixed with a few of the best stories from the years he spent inside a third-world prison.

“What’s most exciting about hearing Jesse speak is his willingness to bare all scars,” and relate poignant and heartbreaking tales from the painful years he endured during his struggle with drugs and alcohol… those addictive demons which almost stole his life entirely away… and got him sentenced to 27 years in a Thailand prison.

Jesse Speaking

After he rewired his entire life in prison, Jesse crowned himself “The Happiest Prisoner,” and reigned with that title for years, with a beaming smile. Refusing to let external circumstances control his inner attitude, Jesse’s unorthodox approach literally knocked down the walls around him.

…and after nearly six years, he “escaped” 20+ years early, to rebuild a life TRULY worth living…

Redemption and renewal are constant themes, which light his powerful story’s happy ending.

If you’re looking for something fantastically different, something refreshing, engaging and exceptionally inspiring for your audience, don’t miss this opportunity to hear and see someone who’s truly got a unique and magnetic excitement for living life to the fullest!

And the best part…

100% of your speaking fees are used for getting Jesse’s inspirational message to young people. Recent funding has been used to take his inspiration inside South Carolina’s Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) and Columbia’s Urban League.

Jesse Moskel Speaking at Urban League

“While I love sharing my story with corporate audiences, what really gets me excited is the volunteer work your patronage enables. Kids NEED to hear my message: there IS another way, they CAN do something different, YOU can make a BIG come back from whatever temporarily has you down!”

-Jesse Moskel

Here’s feedback from a recent speaking engagement:

Jesse Moskel Electifying Speaking Results

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