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“Jesse did an amazing job for us. We handed him a very difficult project direction wise and he was able to really put something amazing together with little guidance. I was truly impressed with his creativity and quality of writing. Can’t wait to work with him again. ”

Tyler G.

“Jesse Moskel is an excellent copywriter. When we decided to take the leap of faith and hire a copywriter to help with the copy of our Real Estate website, we definitely got more than we bargain for. We have nothing but gratitude that we could find such professional and knowledgeable wordsmith. He took the time to get to know us, see who we are, our tone of voice if you will and what we are about as a company so that he can successfully translate it into our marketing. His knowledge and support through this process was outstanding. Jesse is someone you can trust and his knowledge on marketing for our Real Estate business is already paying off. Thank you for all your help Jesse!”

Wendy O.

“Awesome job by Jesse! He really delivered!!”

Noble C.

“Jesse is a skillful copywriter with a flexible approach to a given task. The job was performed timely and complied with all the requirements we agreed on. It’s a pleasure to cooperate with contractors like this.”

Szymon G.

“Excellent! delivered over and above what we discussed. If you need anything copywriting or email marketing, Jesse is your man!”

Dennis P.

“Great great email writer! We were looking for someone who could help create emails that would stand-out to our target market and Jesse fit the bill. Would definitely recommend.”

Jenna R.

“Jesse did exactly what he said he would do in the time allotted. I hired him to do a direct mail piece with some ideas and he nailed it. Don’t hesitate, give Jesse a shot at your project and you won’t be disappointed.”

David J.

“Great work, was done in a timely manner with good insights. Would recommend Jesse again and will use him for other initiatives as they arise.”

Ed B.

“I’d really be happy if we continued working together on this project :).”

Kasia L.

“Holy cow. Hey, that covers everything, right down to the finest red dot…I say super good. All the best.”

Darryl G.

“Amazing work Jesse, thank you so much.”

Nicolas M.

“Wow nice.”

Ben M.

“Killer work with this Jesse – be proud of this one!”

Simon M.

“Hi Jesse,

Campaign is going great. We have 180 applications!”

Beate C.

“Hey Jesse,

This stuff is GOLD. Love It. Thank you so much.”

Lucas S.

“If you are ever interested in getting help with direct marketing, I can swear by this chap: We work with him for Brown & Hudson. We’ve mapped out a whole series of emails to keep top of mind with our clients. What I like about is is that he is wonderfully focused on sales. Oh yes and the man can write.”

Philippe B.