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The Minimalist’s Master Guide to SEO







If there is one thing that’s shrouded in mystery it’s how to do SEO.

Most mortals I know are struggling to grow their business, much less master the nuances of such marketing finery as search engine optimization.

But don’t worry. There is an answer to this quandry…

If you must hire a team to do SEO for you, I strongly recommend you first an hour or so and read the brilliant and all-inclusive article by Brian Dean, the big brain behind

You may not understand everything (or much of anything), but you will find a few “nuggets” of wisdom to latch onto.

As any consultant worth your money will tell you: you’ll earn BIG respect by talking another man’s language.

At the least, your SEO “guru” won’t gouge you on price (as badly) when you show him/her you know a bit about this stuff. At the most, you could actually implement your own SEO campaign, with just a few of the tricks revealed here:

Read it and prosper, or at least read it, and respectfully fork over some cash for others to wade through the tasks for you.

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