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The Most Common Email Mistakes Even The So-Called Experts Are Making and How YOU Can Avoid Them



Hello Everyone!

This is a quick and dirty list of the things I see on a daily basis, in my own inbox.

==>I’m not saying I don’t do these things myself, but I try to minimize them. If you canimprove your own methods by just 1% this week, after a year of small, incremental changes, you’ll be 50% better than you are, right now.

.   .   .  .   .

Here’s the list:

1. Auto-correct – makes for some pretty amazing misunderstandings. Yesterday someone assured me they “would be able to meet after they faxed their car.”

2. More than 1 action item per email – I’m guilty here. Have you ever sent 3 action items and then wondered why your recipient did zero of them?

3. Mis-titled subject lines – I used to go for creative here. I thought it was fun. But if your email is about the luncheon on Thursday, guess what the best subject line is?! Makes that email far easier to find, later, too.

4. Reply instead of “New Message” – This one is just a matter of organization. New topics should get new messages. Use instead of hitting the (admittedly) more convenient “reply” button which folds a million conversations into one. Making this a habit prevents you (and your correspondents) from having to re-read everything you’ve ever written, when they need to find an attachment you sent, for example.

5. No action taken – The best for last: in direct-response marketing (my field) we always conclude a message with a “call-to-action,”(CTA) which tells your reader exactly what to do next. I read emails every day where the intended action is unclear or hidden amid detritus that doesn’t even belong in an email. Be clear. Be concise. Be brief.

…A good CTA can be as simple as a numbered list like this one:

1. Implement these five techniques to become a ninja master email user
2. Add your own tip, trick or secret in the comments below!

That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed – and don’t forget to leave me a comment below.

All the best,

Jesse Moskel

PS. If you’d like more email tactics for success in business, visit my marketing site here.