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The Secret Weapon: Email Marketing Can Boost Your Sales by 200% or More…

Is this you?

* You already have a great business but would like to see more sales
from the email addresses you collect…

* You have a “monthly newsletter” or e-book offer that collects email
addresses on your website, but no great series to drive sales…

* You would like to reap the benefits of making sales from your
business while you’re out enjoying life with your family or friends…

* You would like more conversions from the existing web traffic you

Then a high-quality email auto responder series might be for you.

What is an email auto responder?

It’s a series of emails that goes out to your prospects, telling them all
the good stuff they need to know to make a decision to buy your products or

Simply put, emails are your online sales team.

Email is the best way to communicate with the audience that has
already raised their hand (by giving you their email address) thus
saying they want to hear more, from you!

Studies show that marketing efforts need at least 4 “touches” before
a customer really “hears” your message.

Add to that, people are frantically busy and might miss several
emails before they read four (some argue for seven “touches”)…

We have found that a 10-series is most effective achieving your best

And you will quickly realize repeatedly contacting your potential
customers, telling them the benefits of doing business, speaking to
their PAIN (what keeps them up at night, worrying) is the best and
fastest (not to mention CHEAPEST!) way to drive more sales, and
generate excitement for your offers.

Email marketing works.

In fact it works so well, I specialize in writing emails almost

Why does it work?

We apply direct marketing techniques. These are proven strategies
that make people pick up the phone or reply to your emails and BUY.

Aren’t sure?

Take a moment and ask yourself how you got here…

(Chances are, it’s because of an email that I wrote.)

I don’t use SEO or Google to drive traffic to my site. I exclusively
use email marketing.

And we stay very busy…

We have many clients who use this 10 Email Series Auto Responder
double or eve triple their revenue!

The best part is, once you set it up, you just forget it! You see,
it’s what we call “Evergreen Marketing,” which means, it works
forever and ever and ever…

…and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Would you like to try this out?

If so, it’s really easy.

Here are the steps:

Send an email to Susan and tell her your business website and phone

We’ll take a look at the site and reply (usually) the same business

We’ll give you a quote – we require a 50% deposit – and start writing.

There’s a little more – typically we will interview you about your
company if we need more input to write effectively – but within 10-14
days from start, you will have your very own Email Auto Responder
generating cash for your business!

It really is that simple – we can even put the emails into the system
for you (we use Constant Contact)…

All you do is sit back and wait for the extra sales.

(we typically spread the emails out over a 30 day period)

That’s it!

Sound great? OK, …Email Susan right now, and get started today.

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