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The Undeniable Secret Formula to Riches in Any Industry



Once upon a time, there was a young advertising executive (Charles) who won a job, working for one of the toughest agencies around.

The job was brutal. This was because the agency owner embraced an ideal Brian Tracy captures here:

“The idea of the five day work-week…as a great advance in the life of the working person has been the cause of more financial underachievement and failure than perhaps any other single myth.”

The owner quite simply worked all the time. Charles set out to beat him.

==>In his first few days Charles noted the arrival and departure times of the owner, and proceeded to plan his day to arrive 15 minutes before the owner did.

Charles also began leaving at least 15 minutes after the owner.

One more thing:

in between those very distant points, Charles worked and gave his best, every single day. And each day, he primed himself to surpass the effort of yesterday.

After three months, the boss asked Charles the question he’d been bursting, hoping, dreaming to answer:


The answer poured out of him, as he’d rehearsed it:

“I am bound and determined to be successful and I believe I won’t be, unless I am 100% dedicated to working harder, and longer than all my co-workers.”

The boss nodded, and left without a word.

Soon, additional duties came Charles’ way. He attacked the work, delivered ahead of deadlines and with obvious flair and skill.

Within five years, Charles rose to the top and was running the entire company.

**Epilogue: I often consult with various business people who are eagerly pursuing the 4-hour work week. I won’t deny the allure. However, I like to ask: if you achieved that ideal, what would you do with all that time?

Consider these:

•    Self-made millionaires start earlier, work harder and stay later. (on average 59 hours weekly)
•    Often 70-80 hours a week are required to become established in a field.
•    22 years is the average time it takes such devotees to pass the one million dollar mark.
•    1 in 20 families has a +1 million dollar net worth

(Source: Brian Tracy’s terrific book: “Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life”)