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They Come for Copywriting…



It happens nearly every time: clients come to us for copywriting services. After, or often in tandem with writing what the client came for, we discover they need something else: a sales funnel, a landing page, or some other device to increase sales.

Our last two “writing” clients have engaged us to create lead magnets and conduct webinars.

I guess that says a lot about what type of businesses we attract.

I hope it says a lot about our versatility, too. Once you’ve been at the helm of a small company you tend to get a lot of experience for what works, and what doesn’t.

Being able to provide guidance and tools beyond copywriting to support your business is what we’re all about. There’s something beautiful in seeing an idea spring from the earth, growing and blossoming. We’re the first to admit: it often takes an outside perspective to see what’s amiss in your start-up. But hey, if you only have us help with your writing, well that’s fine too.

We love seeing small and medium-sized businesses grow. Wherever we can be a part of that, it’s exciting. I guess it’s rather like being a gardener, tending to various areas, watching the soil, fertilizing, pampering, cultivating.

How can we help your business grow? If you need terrific copy, that might be a good place to start.