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This Guy Rejected a Half-Billion Dollar Offer Because…


Here’s a story really rocked me to the core:

(FYI, This is the “sloppy, I heard it on a podcast last week and might leave out a detail or two” version):

1. Man builds massively successful company and decides to sell. The buyer and seller agree on a purchase price of $250 million dollars.

They shake hands.

2. Next, the buyer goes away and puts his lawyers on the deal. Lawyers immediately proceed to futz around for six months while the seller, since he’s still the owner of the company, keeps working his magic…

After six months the company valuation has tripled.

3. And now the buyer comes back.

Awkward laughter at the meeting, since the buyer knows he’s screwed up big time. What had been a company worth $250 million six months ago is now clearly worth $750 million…

4. Looking the seller in the eye, our buyer musters his best deal-making smile, and makes the best offer he can possibly hope for: “How about we split the difference, I pay you $500 million today, and we close the deal?”

Seller looks the buyer in the eye, and with no hesitation, replies, with a shrug of the shoulders:

“We shook hands at $250 million. That’s still the deal, $250 million. That’s the price you pay.”


(Let’s pause for dramatic effect…)


—I love that story…

In the seller’s mind, the buyer was actually inviting him to compromise his WORD for a quarter BILLION dollars. (if not more)

It was an easy “no.”

If you’re this type of person, get in touch.

I work with a very small and select number of clients just like this. And what I find is the LESS I care about the money, and more about helping the RIGHT kinds of people…


…life just keeps getting better.


Zig Ziglar: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.“)


Jesse Moskel

PS: Right now I’m working with more start-ups than ever. Maybe you have a great idea and not enough cash to pay an A-List copywriter? No problem. Let’s talk JV deal!

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