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Weird Trick to Double Your Sales


CR Shoe Shine


Quick story for you:

Last week found me in Washington D.C. on a busy sidewalk. I
came onto a stretch crowded with shoe
Navigating this street became somewhat challenging:

“Sir! You’re in need of a shoeshine! Let me help you!”

Enthusiastic cries, undeterred by my stiff head shake.
I was in a rush, and began walking faster in reaction to the
cries that seemed to get louder and more insistent as I
passed: “Sir, shine your shoes??” “Sir, a little shine?”

“Thanks, no,” I replied. “I’m in a rush!”

I was nearly to the end of this perilous ground when I heard
counting: “96 – 97 – 98 – 99 – ONE HUNDRED!! SIR! You’re
very lucky today!” A man jumped in front of me, and said:

“Good Morning to you…it’s my birthday today…every year
on my birthday I give the one hundredth person to pass by my
humble shoe shining business a FREE shine!”

He waved me into his seat, and since I was fatigued from the
fast walking, and the price was right…

Two minutes later my shoes were glimmering. I stood,
admiring the effect when I remembered my appointment.

“How much do you normally charge for a shoeshine,” I asked.

“Two dollars, but your shine on my bir-” I cut him off, with
a magnanimous wave of my hand.


I said: “here’s a five, for you on your birthday!”

My shiner grinned from ear-to-ear and even took a small bow.
Feeling very good about myself, I smiled back and I was off.

I took about ten steps and turned the corner. On a hunch, I
stopped, cupped my ear, and listened.

Sure enough, within a few moments the sounds I expected

“96 – 97 – 98 – 99 – 100! Sir, you are so very lucky! It’s
my birthday…”


Any lessons from the shoeshiner’s story?

⁃ Assuming $2 to be an average transaction, he was
getting 250%
 more than the going rate.

⁃ His offer appeared free, and yet, I paid 2.5 the
going rate. 
Overlooking the ethics of his ‘birthday
tactic,’ the shoeshiner 
had an undeniable Unique
Selling Proposition (USP).


A few questions:

  1. Could I have walked away, post-shine, and been completely within my rights?
  2. Do some things, given away, compel a repayment of some type?
  3. Would his schtick have worked had I not already said “no” to a dozen others?
  4. Wasn’t his position at the end of the ‘shoe-shining gauntlet’ crucial to his success?


The MOST important thing:

Our shoeshiner used WORDS to make more sales than anyone
else in Washington D.C.


Was he the best? I have no idea. He
might have been a sub-par shoe-polisher, but that didn’t
matter in my case.

In other words, you could be the greatest in your particular
field, but without a strong, unique sales message…
There’s more lessons here, but time is short.


Let me close with a question: is your sales message keeping
you busy, or could it use some polish?


Why don’t you let us have a look at it?

==>We provide full copywriting services that include updating
existing copy, to full scale overhaul.

Shoot me an email and tell me what you’d like to see happen
in your business.


-Jesse Moskel

PS. Telling unique stories in your sales copy interrupts
what, for many of your customers, is another routine day.

Differentiate yourself and be remembered. Great copywriting
efficiently and effectively brings you more sales without
any effort on your part.