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Would you like to 2x your current revenue?

Hi I’m Jesse Moskel, and I hear lots of stories where a seemingly simple tweak led to big PROFITS…

I’ll show you one. For free. Right here on this page…

All business owners you owe it to yourself to discover this easy—but often overlooked—way to differentiate you from all your competitors.

It’s what I call a “forehead-slappingly” obvious mistake, and one your competitors are probably making right now.

Fix this today, and I guarantee you will:

  • Win more clients,
  • charge more for your services and
  • enjoy more SUCCESS.
  • Yes, it IS possible for you to elevate your marketing game to the level where your ideal clients are lining up to pay more for your expertise, on your terms, RIGHT NOW…

Here’s how you can immediately make this change:

  1. Review all your primary”client-facing” marketing materials, and
  2. Count how many times the words “you” appear in relation to the words “I” “me” or “we” and
  3. Edit your “copy” so that you achieve a 2:1 ratio on all primary marketing materials.

That’s it!

Successful direct response copywriters typically strive for something
approaching 4:1.

That means seeing “you” 4X as much as the
words “I” or “me.”

If you can get to 2:1, you’ll be head and shoulders above 80%…

Sad but true, a vast majority of companies (and even other copywriters) utterly FAIL here. Even big corporations with bloated marketing departments make this fatal mistake and talk about them, rather than the person they wish to attract.

Does this sound familiar: “We’re the best, we’re the
biggest, we’re the…blah, blah, blah.”

(The quickest way to bore your prospects is to talk about you.)

You can do better.

You can stand out simply by writing about how you will help your clients solve their problems, rather than telling them how great you are.

(You’re reading a great example of this, right now.)

If you’ve read this far, maybe we should discuss your company’s future? As in…

  1. Ways to make YOUR business grow,
  2. Tweaks that make YOUR life easier…

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