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What a Life Threatening Situation Can Teach Us About Success (Podcast with Gene Hammett)


Gene Hammett of Core Elevation is making BIG waves in the coaching world…

“How,” you ask?

I’m so glad you did…

By producing a show-stopping podcast with some of the biggest names in our industry. Recent interviews on Gene’s terrific platform, “Leaders in the Trenches,” include the irascible Larry Winget, buttery smooth sales virtuoso, David Neagle and even the living legend, Michael Gerber, of E-Myth fame.

More recently, Gene got together with top copywriter and direct marketing strategist Jesse Moskel, to discuss some of the abiding principals of finding ever-higher levels of success and achievement.

In typical raconteur fashion, Jesse dives into stories about his local start-up community, Million Cups, a desperate man’s cliff-hanging adventures, lessons learned dining with millionaire entrepreneurs, and more.

>>Here’s a link to the show, with notes.<<

“If you love it, leave Gene a review on iTunes. Mention my name in the review, and I’ll send you an advance copy of my new book.” -Jesse Moskel

Enjoy the interview right here:

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