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When You Must Say “YES!”


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Recently I wrote my private email list about why it’s great to say NO to the wrong things.

And it’s also true, I will almost invariably encourage you to NOT do things that your heart isn’t fully into, or that doesn’t light up your fire.


There is a very powerful exception to the “NO” rule.

When I was establishing myself as a copywriter, I had to invert this “law.” I had to say YES, to everything.

And I mean, everything.

I wrote for topics I had little or no interest in, and I wrote for companies who did things I didn’t understand!

My singular goal was to write for 10,000 hours, in less time than anyone has ever done. 

I also wanted to also read every book available, study every expert under the sun (in copywriting and marketing) and uncover every tactic and strategy from here to the moon.

Two things, from this:

1. This philosophy works, whether you be a graphic designer, a bottle-maker, a priest or a mechanic.

2. The amazing habit I have now formed, by reading and listening to podcasts and asking questions, and looking, constantly for more wisdom, knowledge and skill will carry me way farther than even I can know today, because I so deeply ingrained it into my psyche…

I will seek to improve, every single day, for the rest of mine.

Summed up, sometimes you’ve got to say YES a lot, so you can get to the saying NO part, a lot.

That’s the deal.

Simple, but not easy.

Almost forgot: Here’s a video my buddy Ron sent, which might clarify how to say NO:


To Your Success!

Jesse Moskel

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2 Replies

  1. Bill Harring

    That is a great lesson. When my brother and I started our construction company we “entertained” all requests. We said yes to everyone. We spent hours and hours quoting everything we could. We were successful on a few. But we wasted a lot of time on things we should have never considered. It proved to be a valuable learning experience. We came to a clear understanding of our strengths and weaknesses regarding our capabilities. We attained the position in our field where we had plenty of work to make us profitable and successful and we found joy not having to persue every lead. In short we found it extremely satisfying to be in a position to just say “no”!

    1. Great points, Bill. That’s an especially peaceful place to be, when you are able to recognize an opportunity for being exactly that–as well as being able to see the “duds” ahead of time, too. It’s a great place to be, and I’m glad you’re there: “plenty of work…profitable, successful…and extremely satisfying.” Kudos, Bill Harring!

      By the way, how long to get to that point, in construction?

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