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Where do the Best Copywriters Hang Out?


The short answer? FLORIDA!

I just got back from the premier copywriter’s convention, the annual AWAI bootcamp event in Delray Beach, Florida…

A very good friend and brilliant copywriter, Brendan Talty urged me to make the trip this year, and see about finding a junior copywriter to support my growing business.

Since I’m only 4 hours from the Florida border here in South Carolina, I decided to make the trip by Camry.

The total drive time was about eight hours, or 11 podcasts… (Tim Ferriss and Sam Harris, co-mingled with the audiobook version of Dale Carnegie’s timeless classic, How to Win Friends & Influence People.)

Upon arrival I immediately felt at home. In truth, I’ve never really hung out with others in my world… and boy, I’m glad I came.

But not for the reasons you might think…

Getting the chance to hear fellow A-list copywriters like Clayton Makepeace, Richard Armstrong, Carline Anglade-Cole and John Carlton speak was terrific. After all, these are the people who have made, and continue to make the most money in our industry.

And make no mistake about it, I firmly believe that moving toward the top in any industry means continually studying the very best…

What excited me most though, wasn’t the 90-minute session where Clayton shared the secrets of a $10 million dollar launch…

It wasn’t Carline’s amazing story of writing 5 massive controls in a single year…

Or listening to the most successful copywriter of all time, Mike Palmer, talking about the emotional rollercoaster syndrome of writers.

No, for me, the excitement was in meeting all the aspiring copywriters.

You see, bootcamp is designed to primarily serve as a jumping-off point for new copywriters.

(See something for new copywriters here.)

The host of great courses and educational tools AWAI sells their members means there’s a steady flow of new writers looking to break into the industry.

These people are reading course content and writing out sales letters by hand, studying direct marketing greats—like Ogilvy, Caples, Schwartz and Collier—and hopefully finding their first clients, and getting paid work.

But as I talked to more and more of these people, it became obvious: many, if not most, had yet to land their first jobs.

They were still in that “ready-to-fire” phase… eager, looking, but not having yet made the leap.

Still holding back…

I recognize this hesitation. I know the fear, uncertainty and roadblocks…

It’s like this before you jump in the deep end, for the first time.

And since I made that leap, only a few years ago, I realized: the water is amazing! …In fact, I never want out!

So, as an avid “copywriting swimmer,” I’d like to invite you to hop in the pool with me.

I’m offering you a chance to have me at your side, figuring out your BEST strokes: your niche(s), your marketing plans, your lifestyle design and your (vital) mindset to quickly become one that leads the pack.

What that looks like is entirely up to you…

Whether you want to quit your full-time job, or just enjoy a couple thousand dollars “extra play money” each month… or something else.

With the proper mindset, attitude and marketing, all your dreams are within grasp.

Schedule a coaching session with Jesse Moskel right here.


This isn’t meant as a “knock” on AWAI’s many educational programs…

I’m only pointing out that it seems to me there are an abundance of students who are over-trained and under-experienced in the actual game of being a copywriter.

I’m only suggesting that opportunity may never knock if you’re not close to the front door, trying to get it open. When I started, I had zero experience… I figured it out, on the job. I can do this for you: help you keep practicing, but for money, not just play…

If you’re serious about getting started in copywriting, you owe it to yourself to try this:

Learn more about a life-changing coaching session right here.

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