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Why I Hate Dan Kennedy

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Talking with one of my very savvy clients last week, it became apparent that we felt the same about one particularly loud voice in the copywriting world.

We both think he basically stinks.

Funny thing about that, for as famous as Dan Kennedy is, and what most people know about him, you’d assume he was “one of the greats.” Thing is, if you really dial in and listen to the particular voices who’re saying Mr. Kennedy is really one of the top dogs you soon realize:

He is the one doing all that talking!

Now before you jump all over me, please allow me to quantify what I’m writing you, Dear Reader.

Dan Kennedy is a very good writer. Good speaker, GREAT self-promoter and marketer. He appears to be about as successful as anyone might wish to be, not to mention putting all those useful marketing books together has made him millions.

(I think he’s got a couple dozen titles, counting co-authors, on today.)

All I’m saying is that whatever those “millions” total probably aren’t nearly as many as he would like you and I to presume they are…

AND, hear me carefully on this one:  there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. At all. By talking endlessly of his successes, it’s only natural that he would be perceived as pretty darn successful. And I’m sure there’s a universal law or two at work here as well, reinforcing his positive actions…

In fact, we all ought to want others to perceive us more successful than we currently are…

The more I receive in copywriting royalties and upfront writing fees (and the louder I proclaim these achievements), the more I can raise those figures and receive a correspondingly terrific amount of cash for my work.

Now, about those massive cash injections, these quantum leaps…

One can’t help but love the principles of success:

Like a recipe, you can put the same things into your brain as Dan, and work as hard (or harder) and get the very same result as him. Or better. So, the books, people and methods Dan studied to become what he is are the same ones I’ve read, highlighted, underlined, fallen asleep with and woken up to…

(And a few more, for good measure!)

My current list of greats?

Here’s the last ten books I’ve read:

  • 80/20 Marketing, Perry Marshall
  • Tested Advertising Methods, John Caples
  • White Papers for Dummies, Gordon Graham
  • The Copywriter’s Handbook, Robert W. Bly
  • Why She Buys, Bridget Brennan
  • Free to Choose, Milton Friedman
  • Learned Optimism, Martin E. P. Seligman
  • The Robert Collier Letter book
  • No BS Price Strategy, Kennedy & Marrs
  • The Boron Letters, Gary Halbert

Yes, Kennedy is among them. Something about keeping your enemies close…

Seriously, folks, lots to learn from “good ‘ole Dan”, mainly on the art of positioning.

My savvy friend’s comment, the one that got me started on this rant?


“I always feel like Dan is yelling at me in his emails.”


That’s true. His style ain’t for everyone. And it ain’t for me. Thing is, lots of people are drawn in by him, and if I had a nickel for every potential client who said something like “I want some Kennedy-style writing…”



…actually happens!

Want to know what occurs when I hear this? I respond with, “sure I can do that…but it’ll cost you!”

(a hundred thousand nickels or more)

So, turns out, Dan Kennedy is great for me and my copywriting business. In fact…

Turns out I love Dan Kennedy.

Thanks, Dan!


-Jesse Moskel


p.s. – I really do think Old Dan Kennedy has had some great ideas in his time. But he is known as one of the most expensive copywriters in the game. (Mainly by himself.)

My fees are steep, but the results astronomical!

The last copywriting project I did had a 5X return on the investment the first time it was mailed! (And, like much of what I write, this was an “evergreen email campaign” which means my client will run it again and again, year after year, harvesting bags of cash every time!)

Would you like an evergreen marketing funnel for your business? Email Susan for a consult today.

2 Replies

  1. David

    Is this post what you call bait and switch?

    1. Hey David, yes! You’re on point. In fact, this is an early piece I wrote before I really knew which end was up in copywriting. I wanted to take a “swing” at one of the living greatest. I was clearly a little clumsy back then (especially today–three years later0–I’m reading this as a friend of Dan Kennedy — in fact, Dan invited me to speak at his upcoming Renegade Millionaire Event in June of 2017). My impulse is to take this sloppy “early” job down, but I won’t. I like showing my flaws. And I love seeing the development, as my best clients tell me these early blogs show.

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