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Why I Love What I Do…


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Growing up, I was always the neighborhood trader: I was
forever making deals with other kids for skateboard
parts and bicycles.

This was the beginning of a lifetime fascination with
building ever-better machines, improving through

In high school, I started working at Sears hardware and
became fascinated with the wide variety of people
coming to see me to solve their problems…

Studying the problems, solutions, recognizing things like:

“a buyer of a drill really just wants a HOLE…”

Looking at things from the other end, trying to see the
solution to the problems and bringing creativity into
helping people has been endlessly rewarding for me.

If you’re seeking help to promote or grow your
business, why don’t you and I have a chat to discuss
your end goals.

If we talk, I’ll even give you one of my secrets to
email opens over 50%: the best time of day to send.
(spoiler: it’s not what you think it is…)

As you will soon see, what I offer is copywriting with
strategy, experience and the burning desire to make
every project I take on a success…

That said, I turn down about 4 of 5 projects I look at.

And you should probably turn down about 80% of the
copywriters you talk to.

When the fit is right, you’ll know it.

(Like all the best things in life, trust your heart.)

Jesse Moskel, Moskel Consulting & Marketing
-Jesse Moskel


P.S. – A great way to start the conversation is to send
me, via email, a page of web copy or a single email that
you currently use for sales. We can then get on a chat
and talk about how to make it even better.

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