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Why Writing in Your Voice is Wrong (How to Use a Copywriter to Make You Richer)


Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 8.56.42 AM.pngSince I’m entering my third year in this business, I’m blessed to mingle with a lot of smart business owners, marketing directors and publishing companies…

While all these people have different businesses, they all share one unique trait:

They all want to make more money.

If you boil it down, that’s the only reason I have a business-to use my words (as a copywriter and marketer) to help you generate more money.

Lots of it.

I love this job.

One smart cookie I recently met runs a successful interior design company…

She’s consistently been making sacrifices, and growing her business (to the tune of 300% last year).

Fast business growth needs new systems, outside eyes… a fresh look. In short, she needs expertise to keep that growth on the rise.

And that’s where I come in.

Funny thing happened when she signed up for my free consultation–she mentioned hiring a copywriter in the past and how they didn’t work out.

She said, “I wanted her to write in my voice.”

“Ahhh,” said I.

“But writing in your voice is what got you where you are.”

If you’re a business owner and you want your blog posts, articles, sales pages or email series to generate more sales, then isn’t writing in your voice exactly what we shouldn’t be doing?

Now, don’t get me wrong and don’t take this personally…

There’s nothing wrong with “your” voice.

It’s great.

In fact, it’s what got you where you are.

And, if you are ready to move UP to the next level, it’s just fine. Only, let me tell you: you’re going to have to take a hiatus from all your normal money-making tasks, and read a couple hundred books.


Oh yeah.

(This is why I get paid $5,000-$10,000 for marketing consultations.)

You’ve got to know everything I already know, and have extensively tested in the marketplace.

Subscribe to all the top marketer’s email series. Buy products, hire the best coaches in the world, and share generously with the world…

Read everything. Websites, direct mail, advertisements and click through to those sites. Read the sales pages. Find the weaknesses, and sell those secrets to your clients, make them millions of dollars.

And when you’ve put in 14-hour days, consistently, for years on end…

Making sure you’ve read and reviewed the hundreds of marketing and psychology and sales and business books I’ve read, and put into action, then…

Join mastermind  groups, attend marketing and copywriting seminars.

Get to know the best of the best. Rub shoulders with them. Get them to uncover their million dollar strategies…find ways to make them even more effective.

Then. THEN! You’ll be all set.

Or, if you’d rather continue on your way, hire me to do all that.

Let’s crush this together.

Get in touch today, and find yourself in an amazing place, very soon.


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