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Moskel Hustles Hard

Here’s a story about how NOT to hustle:

Recently I was out on a walk in my new and wonderful neighborhood…

As I turned a corner, thinking about how incredible my life is, I noticed a woman coming out of her house.

As I was walking by, I waved.

We chatted.

I discovered she is a realtor.

This is particularly interesting for me as I’m in the investment property game and always looking for a good buy…

Turns out, she’s charged with selling two “ideal-sounding” homes, right now!

I pressed for more details, and learned how the seller is highly motivated… And she needs a buyer, soon.

I informed her that I’m an investor.

And now we’re exchanging information so I can travel to see these two homes later that same day…

Just like that!

I’m so excited, because it feels like destiny that this happened, as if it’s one of those fated moments we look back on and smile. More, because I made it happen: I got off my ass and took that early morning invigoration–my exercise to stimulate mind and body–and found what might be great, right around the corner.

I go home, JUICED, and get busy writing a financial promotion…

After what feels like minutes, my entire day passes by, and I realize that lady never sent me those listings!

No problem, I think: I walk every morning. So, the very next day I’m out, passing by her home a second day…

There she is. The realtor.

And this time, she’s sitting on her front porch.

“Hey how ya doing?”

“Fine, and you?”

“Great… thanks for asking.”

“Say… you were supposed to email me something.”

Friends, can you guess what she said next?

Here it is, verbatim:

“Sorry, I didn’t send you those listings I promised you. You see, the office is moving and yesterday the internet was down.”


After that amazing excuse, she went on to complain, loudly, about the pressure she was on to sell these two rental properties!


Imagine: a solution to her problem, standing there, in fact, chasing her for the sale… and she’d prefer to sit there and tell me about how urgent and fruitless her efforts to sell those homes!

So I gave her my card.

Since she didn’t seem to be exceptionally familiar with how the world wide web worked, I thought I better make my position extremely clear:

I said, “This card has got my email address and my cellphone number on it… I can be reached anytime, right here.

(In fact, it’s got my website, too–so she could read this…I suppose.)

For the second day in a row, I assure her I’m ready to buy, if the price is right.

She apologizes for the mixup with the internet and gives me complete confidence these two listings will be in my computer very soon.

Must’ve been a simple mix-up, right? I’ll get what I’m after now, right?

Friends, I’m still waiting.

There are so many lessons for us here, I’m not sure I’m capable of extracting them all…

But one thing I’ve heard time and time again:

We are often our own worst enemy… in fact, we are always our own worst enemy.

In fact, writing this story at all has me shaking my head still… the situation really blows my mind.

But still, I ask myself how I might be failing in my business like this woman…

Many will argue they are not “belly-flopping” like this realtor did, and I’m sure you’re not… but I ask you to consider:

“If you were making a strategic error with your clients and in your business, where is your “belly-flop?”

I know mine.

At least I think I do.

Most of us are actually guilty of failing at follow up, at one point or another. We all think we know the best way to run our businesses.

And most of us do far better on the most basic of fundamentals…

But there are always things we can improve at, no matter our current level.

What’re your shortcomings, and what are you doing to improve?

Do you know?

Want to know?

Would you like an expert to do a deep-dive into your customer processes and find the weaknesses, drive them out and replace them with reliable, success-driving practices?

Having the right processes in place means you can afford more investments which means your financial security is assured more quickly which you could only ignore at your family’s peril, your own wellbeing’s demise…

You owe it to yourself, to secure your future and eliminate the roadblocks we all struggle with to ever-greater success.

Let’s discuss this further…

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