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Dear Entrepreneur,

There is no better way to Get More Customers Lining Up at Your Door

Leverage the low cost of email marketing to stay front-of-mind with your customers and potential clients.

I know email works.  You know it works.

Knowing all this, check out this Video Sales Letter (VSL) below to see how we created six figures in sales with an email marketing campaign (9-series):

[This is a Video Sales Letter. For PDF transcription Click here.]


Here are some Incredible Email Statistics (since everyone loves hard data):

==>Almost 6 in 10 said checking email is the last thing they do before they go to bed!

•    66% have more than one email account
•    90% check email compulsively
•    33% check email during movies
•    20% while talking to people
•    and 8% right after SEX!


Do you use any of these “complex” behaviors?

•    64% Shoot for “inbox zero”
•    56% Create folders
•    29% Mark as Unread
•    23% use labels and filters

And the most powerful stats, I have saved for last:

•    46% read email & 22% write email MORE THAN 1 HOUR A DAY.
•    49% check from their phones (that’s HALF, folks)
•    28% only check from their phone

Would you believe? 67% are alerted to every new message with push notifications?

As of 2013 there were a few email accounts out there…approximately 3.889 BILLION.

Social media trends will change. Everything will change. But since the explosion of the internet, one constant has remained: EMAIL.

The catch is, writing is tricky. My clients often feel they are too close to the “problem” and find it hard to know what to write.

Plus, you have a business to run…why not hire someone who can make your life easier?

==>Here’s the plan: Get in touch with us today & we’ll see if your business is right for an email series.


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-Jesse Moskel

PS. Top marketers say it all the time: Email and Adwords, the two biggest things that can make your business POP! Let’s get started today…


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